SYS Meet Info

Hi All,

TImes flies when you are having fun. It’s almost time for the Turkey Meet in Sarasota. I am sure this will be a great weekend, but let’s make sure we are well prepared. Here are some suggestions and additional information so we are ready to do our best.

IDs - The YMCA will not allow any adult to enter their facility without a legal ID card. They do this for the protection of the children. Please be sure to have all adults, even the non-drivers, bring their IDs with them each day.

Shoes - The YMCA has barriers on deck to prevent those without credentials from enter the pool area. Unfortunately, those barriers have stands that have been known to catch feet. Flip flops do not offer enough protection. Please bring (and wear) tennis shoes.

Bleachers - There is bleacher seating at the meet for spectators. If you would like to bring a back up chair, fine. We will bring a tent for the kids. 

Weather - It may be cold, especially in the morning. There is a sea breeze at the pool as well. Please bring layers of clothes, socks and extra towels. Warm muscles are fast muscles.

Healthy Snacks - I have been happy to see most of our swimmers bring healthy alternatives with them to the meets. Let’s keep that going at this meet. Please refrain from bringing sugary drinks, processed snacks and the like to the meet.

Warm Up & Expectations

This meet is designed so the 11-14 year old swimmers have an opportunity to make finals in their single age group. The top eight 11, 12, 13 and 14 year olds will swim their event at finals. One of the reasons I picked this meet is that it mimics the one we are targeting for our 14 and understand in the spring. 

Swimmers 11 - 14 should be ready to swim at 7:25am on both Saturday and Sunday. Warm ups for Friday will be at 4:30.  Please check the timeline (meet info can be found here If your child is swimming much later than 5:30 on Friday, feel free to come a tad later. Finals will start at 5:30 on Saturday and 5:00 on Sunday. Let’s arrive, ready to swim, 50 minutes prior to the start each day.

Our 8 and unders, 10 and unders and senior swimmers will have timed final sessions. Warm ups for Friday will be at 4:30. Their sessions will not start before noon each day. Let’s be ready to swim at 11:55. This is good for a mid season meet for the younger ones. For the seniors, who are just getting off HS season, it is a good way to get back into club swimming.

We had an extraordinary showing at our last meet. Swimmers were dropping times at unheard of clips. More importantly, they showed signs of getting into swimming shape. I feel that our swimmers are in even better condition now than they were last month. That said, it will be hard to duplicate the types of drops we saw initially.

We are looking to see how well the swimmer take what we have been working on during the month and applying it during their races. Are they working their underwater portion of their races, are they implementing the proper race strategies and are they swimming with authority; using their new found strength and endurance properly.

I am optimistic the answer to those questions will be a resounding, “YES”.

BTW...we will post the heat sheets when they are provided by the meet host. Please check out Meet Information page for the link (found here - )

Thanks again for all your support.  We have done so much in such a short period of time. I am excited about this meet and the many, many more to come.

See you at the pool - RIch