RAC NEWS Volume 15 - Season 2016-2017



Current & Upcoming Events

2016 Winter Jr Nats ~ Dec 7th

2016 Franklin & Marshall ~ Dec 9th

WHAT Snowball Classic ~ Dec 17th


Schedule Changes next week

(please see below)

What’s New

BOUNCE! Danbury Fundraiser

Fitter and Faster Clinic is filling up Quick, ACT NOW!

Winter Jr Nats Live

Get a jump on your holiday gifts or treat yourself

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Meet Entries

Jr Nats (Final )

Franklin & Marshall (Final)

Snowball Classic (Revised)

Zeus (Preliminary)

Meet Results

WHAT November Age Group Qualifier

Motivational Quote

"None can destroy iron, but its own rust can. Likewise, none can destroy a person, but its own mindset can".-Ratan Tata

Thinking Out Loud

Positive Sports Parenting


Pics of the Week


Pasta Party Fun!

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Current & Upcoming Events

This Week

2016 Winter Jr Nats ~ Dec 8th-10th

2016 Franklin & Marshall ~ Dec 9th-11th

Next Week

WHAT Snowball Classic ~ Dec 16th-18th

Schedule Changes

December 12th to the 16th , there will be no dryland for the following groups

Age Group, Age Group Elite, Senior, Elite and National

The development groups will continue to hold dryland practices as scheduled.


No PM practice December 21st


Coach's notes: To all swimmers, please be on pool deck 10Mins before all workouts. Swimmers should be in the water at the time all practices are scheduled to start. As a reminder, we are now following our Winter schedule, please

check your practice schedule for any changes.

Practice Schedule

Meet Results

WHAT November Age Group Qualifier

LINK for past Results

Meet Registration Deadlines

Zeus 14th Annual Pat Spinola Age Group Qualifier ~ Dec 13th


What's New

BOUNCE! Danbury Fundraiser

Come join RAC at BOUNCE! Danbury on December 21st from 4pm-7pm for what is sure to be a fun-filled night!  RAC will receive a total of 45% of admissions when paying at the RAC register.  Come help us BOUNCE our way to better sound in the pool! There will be no practice that afternoon.

Fitter and Faster Clinic is filling up Quick, ACT NOW!

    Register here for the 12 and over high performance

Register here for the 11 and under  Getting  Race Ready

Winter Jr Nats LIVE

Winter Jr Nats will go Live on our website (front page).  Follow us on Twitter and we will let you know when to watch Kieran, Marcie and Lindsey, LIVE! 

Get a jump on your holiday gifts or treat yourself

Shop at Audrey Road on Bailey Ave and/or AR kids on Main Street on Wednesday,December 7th, and mention RAC at checkout and they will donate 10 percent of purchases that day back to RAC.

Thinking Out Loud ~ 4 simple short tips on being a great swim parent

  1. Take time to educate yourself about responsible sports parenting, there are wonderful resources out on the internet to guide you through the process.
    1. NFHS Free Sports Parent Course
    2. The 9 rules of a positive sports parent
    3. Positive Sports Parent Blog
  1. Learn the thirteen words that are the most impactful to your child “I love to watch you swim, and I am so proud of you!”
  2. Enjoy the carpool ride and let the kids steer the conversation.  You will learn so much more about them, rather than interview them about practice.

 .               Toxicity in the car ride home

  1. Be a good sport as a parent.  By modeling behaviors that fall in line with sportsmanship as a parent, your children will reflect these values.



Swimfinity Swimming


Swimfinity will donate $50 to RAC for every new student. Please write "RAC" in the referral section of the registration form


Adriana"s Cleaning Service



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