Coach's Corner 2/20/10

Between the Lane Lines

Message from Head Coach Andy Lehner

As we approach the month of March it is critical swimmers stay healthy for the upcoming championship swim meets. One can improve their chances of reaching their goals by getting 9-10 hours of sleep every night and by watching what they eat. In this day and age nutrition has been proven to enhance an athlete’s performance so pay attention to what you consume. Drink plenty of water and eat your fruits and vegetables. More information regarding nutrition for swimmers can be found on the United States Swimming website.

The warm up for swim meets as well as the warm down after each event is very important.  Every swimmer should arrive at the swim meet one hour and fifteen minutes before the beginning of the swim meet in a preliminary session unless announced otherwise. The swimmers shall all sit together as a team in close proximity to the coaches. The warm up prepares the mind and body for competition as well as familiarizing the athlete with the venue. All of the swimmers are taught to warm down after each race. The reason is that lactic acid builds up in the muscles after racing and one must flush this acid out of the body. It requires at least ten minutes of easy swimming after each race.

Good luck to all the swimmers who are competing in upcoming swim meets! Remember the body achieves what the mind believes!  GO MAC!

Coach Lehner