Clippers #1 Ranked Ohio Team In Club Of Excellence

USA Swimming announced the final list of the 2010 Club of Excellence rankings. The Clippers Scored a team record 12,079 points which ranked us as the #1 team in the Ohio LSC and Silver Medal Status.
The focus of this voluntary program is to identify and reward up to 200 USA Swimming clubs that have attained a high level of athlete performance as well as organizational success. Most of the teams that are listed as Gold Medal teams range from 350 to 1,500 swimmers on their team.With us having  200 swimmers our National ranking of 44th is very exciting and impressive. 

Our reward from 2009 was grant money that helped us finally get our underwater camera system up and running and also assisted our lead coaches in attending the Eastern Zone Clinic this past fall. A Clinic that was by far the most informational clinic we have ever attended with people like Michael Phelps coach, Bob Bowman, speaking on the age group development of Michael.

This past season  has been a very successful one for our program from top to bottom. Without the commitment of the athletes, parents and all of the staff this score would not have been possible. WAY TO GO CLIPPER FAMILY!!

2010 Club Excellence Program

Gold Medal Clubs

Silver Medal Clubs

Bronze Medal Clubs

North Baltimore Aquatic Club 56,155
Swim Atlanta 53,735
Longhorn Aquatics 48,142
SwimMAC Carolina 43,685
The Woodlands Swim Team 34,334
Curl Burke Swim Club 32,685
Bluefish Swim Club 32,406
Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics 32,344
Phoenix Swim Club 30,979
Mission Viejo Nadadores 29,699
Carmel Swim Club 28,910
Bolles School Sharks 26,151
University of Denver Hilltoppers 26,115
Rockville Montgomery Swim Club 25,984
Dallas Mustangs 25,751
North Coast Aquatics 22,525

The following clubs previously earned Gold Medal desigination for 2009 to 2012

NOVA of Virginia Aquatics Inc
Lakeside Swim Team
Nashville Aquatic Club
Cypress-Fairbanks Swim Club
Sarasota YMCA Sharks
Tucson Ford Dealers Aquatics
Club Wolverine Swimming Inc

The following clubs qualified for
Gold Medal status for 2009-2010 by having an athlete on the 2008 Olympic Team

The Fish
Rose Bowl Aquatics
Coral Springs Swim Club
Santa Barbara Swim Club

Santa Clara Swim Club 27,810
Dynamo Swim Club 24,538
City of Plano Swimmers 22,976
Terrapins Swim Team 21,800
Oakland Live Y'ers 21,386
Clearwater Aquatics 21,095
Aquajets Swim Team 19,097
Kansas City Blazers 18,572
Pleasanton Seahawks 17,956
Baylor Swim Club 17,778
Delaware Swim Team 17,471
Scottsdale Aquatic Club 16,948
Colorado Stars 16,933
Pilot Aquatic Club - Knoxville 16,111
Long Island Aquatic Club 15,630
New Trier Swim Club 15,622
Swim Pasadena 15,417
Badger Aquatics Club 15,078
Metro Aquatic Club of Miami 15,048
Magnus Aquatic Group 14,881
Marietta Marlins Inc 14,745
Fox Chapel Killer Whales 13,606
First Colony Swim Team 12,961
Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics 12,704
Canyons Aquatic Club 12,636
Crow Canyon Sharks 12,266
Brandon Sports & Aquatic Center 12,107
Northern KY Clippers Swimming 12,079
Blue Tide Aquatics 11,983
Tualatin Hills Swim Club 11,962
Badger Swim Club 11,935
Arden Hills Swimming 11,874
YMCA of the Triangle Area Swim Team 11,826
Sonoco Swim Club 11,792
Hillsboro HEAT Swim Team 11,721
Fort Lauderdale Aquatics 11,398
Gator Swim Club 11,369
Peddie Aquatic Association 10,346
California Capital Aquatics 10,313
Germantown Academy Aquatic Club 10,257
North Texas Nadadores 10,160
North Jeffco Swim Team 10,116
Waukesha Express Swim Team 10,094
Hershey Aquatic 9,602
Berkeley Aquatic Club 9,404
M.E.Lyons / Anderson Barracudas 9,346
Rochester Swim Club Orcas 9,288
Tsunami Swim Team of KC 9,147
Raleigh Swimming Association 8,848
Rockwood Swim Club 8,749
Marlins of Raleigh - Wolfpack Aquatics 8,558
Pine Crest Swimming 8,550
Sandpipers of Nevada 8,494
Duke Aquatics 8,456
Star Swimming 8,377
Katy Aquatics 8,268 
Neptune Swimming 7,891
Parkway Swim Club 7,706
College Area Swim Team 7,620
Sun Devil Aquatics 7,050
Jersey Wahoos Swim Club 6,926
Springfield Family YMCA 6,918
Dayton Raiders 6,913
Corvallis Aquatic Team 6,908
Schroeder YMCA Swim Team 6,847
Lake Country Swim Team 6,730
Mission Aurora Colorado Swimming 6,101 
North Carolina Aquatic Club 6,033
QDD Swim Team 6,028
Comets Swim Team 5,997
Wildcat Aquatics 5,882
Team Eugene Aquatics 5,854
Mount Hood Aquatics 5,808

Nitro Swimming 11,701
Wilton YMCA Wahoos 9,417
Loyola Blakefield Aquatics 9,273
Aiken-Augusta Swim League 9,259
Washington Township Swim Club 9,230
Munster Swim Club 9,158
Clayton Shaw Park Tideriders 8,582
Allegheny North Swim Club 8,381
Coast Guard Blue Dolphins 7,684
Lake Oswego Swim Club 7,582
City of Mobile Swim Association 7,554
Machine Aquatics 7,483
YMCA Westside Silver Fins 6,824
Albany Starfish Swim Club 6,735
Mason Manta Rays 6,661
Parkland Aquatic Club 6,136
Gulf Coast Swim Team 6,034
Daytona Beach Swimming 5,871
Great Lakes Aquatics 5,835
Orinda Aquatics 5,811
Arlington Aquatic Club 5,782
Stingrays 5,268
Tri-City Channel Cats 5,191
Greater Philadelphia Aquatic Club 5,177
Team Santa Monica 5,169
Green Mountain Aquatics 5,161
Greater Toledo Aquatic Club 5,048
Chattahoochee Swim Club 5,022
Mount Pleasant Swim Club 5,003
West Austin Aquatics 4,983
Arkansas Dolphin-Laser Swim Team 4,977
Eagle Swim Team 4,438
WAVES Bloomington Normal Y Swim Team 4,299
Monrovia Aquatix 4,264
New Canaan YMCA Caimans 4,252
Redlands Swim Team 4,226
Kettering South Community YMCA 4,220
Spokane Area Swimming 4,192
Cats Aquatic Team 4,156
Bakersfield Swim Club 4,154
Excel Aquatics Inc 4,149
Penguin Swimming 4,146
Premier Aquatics Club of Klein 4,144
Retriever Aquatic Club 4,136
McFarland Spartan Sharks 4,131
Wichita Swim Club 4,116
A.S.K. Swim 3,862
CLASS Aquatics 3,564
Razorback Aquatic Club Aquahawgs 3,519
Roseburg Swim Team 3,505
Solon Stars Swim Club 3,454
Cheshire Y / Sea Dog Swim Club 3,428
Issaquah Swim Team 3,423
Tampa Bay Community Aquatics 3,417
Bend Swim Club 3,389
Santa Maria Swim Club 3,371
Eastern Express 3,345
Southeastern Swim Club 3,339
Crawfish Aquatics 3,319
Lost Creek Aquatics 3,308
Treasure Coast Swimming Conquistadores 3,233
Scenic City Aquatic Club 2,698
Tide Swim Team 2,664
Northwest NC YMCA Riptyde 2,630
Three Village Swim Club 2,610
Rapid City Racers Swim Club 2,580
Space City Aquatic Team 2,574
Aquastar 2,570
Riverside Aquatics Association 2,567
Greensboro Swimming Assoc 2,547
Westport/Weston Family Y Swim Team 2,534
Star Aquatics 2,505
Auburn Aquatics 2,501
Newburgh Sea Creatures 2,487
San Diego Aquatic Club 2,483
Barracuda Swim Team 2,480
Maverick Swim Club 2,477
Eagle Swimming Association 2,471
SWAC Swim Team 2,463
Somerset Valley YMCA 2,454
Snowfox Swim Team 2,447
Edina Swim Club 2,423
Lyons Swim Club 2,393
Spy Swimming 1,790
Greenwood Memorial Swim Club 1,783
St Charles Swim Team 1,778
Zionsville Swim Club 1,742
Naval Academy Aquatic Club 1,735
Town of Tonawanda Titans Swim Club 1,734
Saint Andrew's Swimming 1,730
Arizona Swimming Gauchos Inc 1,715
Bowling Green Swim Club 1,699
Lynchburg YMCA Swim Team 1,681
Falfins Swimming 1,678
Greater Columbus Swim Team of Ohio 1,673
Kishwaukee YMCA/DeKalb County 1,660
Aces Swim Club 1,658
Palatine Swim Team 1,651
Four Corners Aquatic Team 1,645