Pointe-Claire Review

Pointe-Claire was a tremendous experience for the 15 swimmers who made the trip to Montreal. It is a great competition in one of the fastest pools in the country against teams from Quebec, Ontario, Newfoundland and Island Swimming (Victoria) was there too. We had outstanding results with every swimmer on the team scoring points for us with top 20 finishes. We left the meet with 12 individual medals and our 13-14 Mixed Free Relay finished 3rd overall in a very tough field of fast teams. As a team we raced to 65 second swims which was more than we were scheduled for in the psych sheets.  

For many of the swimmers it was their first time participating in team travel. They did a good job of being prepared, resting, eating and working as a team. As our swimmers mature, more of their meets will involve team travel and it is important to figure out how to compete at your highest level while being responsible for yourself. Many thanks to our chaperones Rose, Siobhan and Tom for taking care of the swimmers away from the pool and always going above and beyond.

The meet was swum with short course heats and long course finals, an interesting set-up that had strong results for our team. Generally, swimmers race their heats, we discuss their race strategies and then they fine tune their morning performance in finals. Racing long course is much different than short course and it was the first time our swimmers competing in the 50m format since July. They did an outstanding job racing to over 75% best times in the finals sessions and regularly moving up in the rankings.

A few of our highlights…
25 new team records! 13 short course and 12 long course. Avery raced to seven 13-14 records, Jessica set six new 11-12 records and Aidan lowered six 13-14 records.
Morgan won the top 13-14 year old AA swimmer with four gold medals swims!
Jessica was runner up for the top 11-21 year old swimmer with two golds, one silver and a bronze!
All of our AAA swimmers (Quincy, Avery, Sophie and Aidan) raced in finals which is a big accomplishment at this meet! Avery and Sophie raced to the medal podium and Aidan was two spots away from reaching finals in all six of his events!
Jessica raced to her third 12-13 year old AAA time standard in the 100m Backstroke so she is now fully qualified for the meet in March! She was just .05 off in the AAA in 200m Backstroke.
Sidney added her 6th and 7th events for SwimBC AAA Championships with her times in the 100m Breaststroke and 100m Butterfly! 
Quincy and Morgan both broke 29 for the first time in 50m Freestyle, just off the Western time standard!
Our relay swims were great, almost everyone raced to best times and it was a fast way to finish each session!

The swimmers now get back to basics as they train before and after Christmas Break. The next competition for Excel and Challenge is the CDSC New Year Invitational January 20-22.

100% Best Times
Sidney Clement, Cami Hill, Avery Kirstiuk, Kourosh Shahbazi

66+% Best Times
Durban Ball, Aidan Smith, Jessica Strong

Hurricanes Medalists
Morgan Bender – Gold 800m Freestyle, 100m Freestyle, 400m Freestyle, 50m Freestyle
Thomas Dignum – Bronze 1500m Freestyle
Avery Kirstiuk – Silver 200m Breaststroke, Bronze 100m Breaststroke
Sophie Smith – Silver 100m Breaststroke
Jessica Strong – Gold 50m Breaststroke, 100m Breaststroke, Silver 200m Breaststroke, Bronze 100m Backstroke
Aidan Smith, Lucas Ouellette, Avery Kirstiuk, Quincy Bender – Bronze 4x50m Mixed Free Relay

New Short Course Team Records
11-12 Girls
100m Backstroke – 1:12.88 – Jessica Strong (was Carly Kagna 1:14.94 2011)
200m Backstroke – 2:36.23 – Jessica Strong (was Carly Kagna 2:39.72 2011)
50m Breaststroke – 35.09 – Jessica Strong (was Jessica Strong 36.67 2016)
200m Breaststroke – 2:51.16 – Jessica Strong (was Avery Kirstiuk 2:53.33 2015)
200m Individual Medley – 2:42.48 – Jessica Strong (was Morgan Bender 2:44.04 2016)
13-14 Girls
50m Freestyle – 28.72 – Quincy Bender (was April Barnes 28.88 2013)
100m Freestyle – 1:02.87 – Quincy Bender (was Morgan Bender 1:03.46 2016)
50m Breaststroke – 35.07 – Avery Kirstiuk (was Sophie Smith 36.01 2016)
100m Breaststroke – 1:16.43 – Avery Kirstiuk (was Sophie Smith 1:16.73 2016)
200m Breaststroke – 2:43.57 – Avery Kirstiuk (was Sophie Smith 2:45.14 2016)
200m Individual Medley – 2:38.02 – Avery Kirstiuk (was Sophie Smith 2:39.16 2016)
400m Individual Medley – 5:30.88 – Avery Kirstiuk (was Sophie Smith 5:33.03 2016)
13-14 Boys
400m Freestyle – 4:30.11 – Aidan Smith (was Chris Ruus 4:33.28 2013)

New Long Course Team Records
11-12 Girls
50m Backstroke – 34.39 – Jessica Strong (was Morgan Bender 35.74 2016)
13-14 Girls
50m Freestyle – 28.96 – Morgan Bender (was April Barnes 30.46 2012)
100m Freestyle – 1:03.91 – Morgan Bender (was April Barnes 1:06.07 2012)
50m Breaststroke – 35.79 – Avery Kirstiuk/Sophie Smith (was Sophie Smith 36.15 2016)
100m Breaststroke – 1:19.50 – Avery Kirstiuk (was Sophie Smith 1:19.68 2016)
200m Breaststroke – 2:46.26 – Avery Kirstiuk (was Sophie Smith 2:47.34 2016)
15&over Girls
200m Butterfly – 2:54.48 – Marisa Ruus (was Marisa Ruus 3:01.50 2016)
13-14 Boys
50m Freestyle – 27.06 – Aidan Smith (was Aidan Smith 27.44 2016)
200m Freestyle – 2:10.07 – Aidan Smith (was Aidan Smith 2:10.73 2016)
50m Backstroke – 30.88 – Aidan Smith (was Aidan Smith 31.68 2016)
100m Backstroke – 1:07.66 – Aidan Smith (was Aidan Smith 1:07.97 2016)
200m Backstroke – 2:28.77 – Aidan Smith (was Aidan Smith 2:29.49 2016)

New Time Standards

AAA Provincial Standards
Quincy Bender – 50m Freestyle, 100m Freestyle
Sidney Clement – 100m Butterfly, 400m Freestyle
Jessica Strong – 100m Backstroke (now fully qualified!)

AA Provincial Standards
Morgan Bender – 100m Backstroke
Josh DeCoteau – 100m Freestyle, 50m Freestyle, 200m Individual Medley
Thomas Dignum – 200m Butterfly
Cami Hill – 100m Backstroke, 400m Individual Medley, 200m Backstroke, 100m Breaststroke, 200m Breaststroke, 200m Individual Medley
Avery Kirstiuk – 200m Individual Medley
Jessica Strong – 200m Individual Medley

A Provincial Times
Kourosh Shahbazi – 100m Backstroke, 100m Freestyle, 200m Individual Medley