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Coach T Birthday/Holiday Pool Party ~ Dec 23rd

Schedule Changes
(please see below)

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William Pace University adds varsity swimming

USA Swimming Prohibited Substance List

Swim-A-Thon Update

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Snowball Classic (coming soon)

Motivational Quote

"Success at anything will always come down to this: Focus and Effort...and we control both.

Thinking Out Loud

6 things to think about when you stumble with your swimming


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Schedule Changes

Due to the Holiday and Coach Thammara’s birthday, the schedule for December 23rd will run as follows

NAT ~ 12:15-2:45pm

Elite/AGE ~ 2:45-4:45pm

SEN/AG ~ 4:45-6:15pm

Dev Blue/Dev Black ~ 6:15-7:15pm

Coach's notes: To all swimmers, please be on pool deck 10Mins
before all workouts. Swimmers should be in the water at the time
all practices are scheduled to start.

As a reminder, we are now following our Winter schedule,

check your practice schedule for any changes.

Practice Schedule




Meet Results

Snowball Classic (coming soon)

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What's New

William Pace University adds Varsity Swimming!

Still unsure of your college plans?  Want to swim?  See the message below from William Pace regarding the university adding a swim program.

It is our pleasure to announce that William Peace University (WPU) in a unique collaboration with the YMCA of the Triangle Area (YOTA) swim team, will add intercollegiate men's and women's swimming programs for the 2017-18 academic year. WPU is committed to pursuing excellence in academics and sports while preparing students for careers in the organizations of tomorrow. Rooted in the liberal arts tradition, our students develop an appreciation for life-long learning, a focus on meaningful careers, and skills for ethical citizenship.

William Peace University is a nationally-ranked, award-winning institution located in one of the best cities in the United States in downtown Raleigh, NC. With a 96% job/graduate school placement rate, our results speak for themselves. With a curriculum that’s rooted in the liberal arts, but coupled with a modern approach and focus on career placement, you can’t go wrong with WPU. Choose from more than 24 majors, minors, and concentrations. WPU is ranked in the top 10% nationally for student engagement, according to the National Student Survey for Engagement. With data like that, it’s easy to see our faculty cares. The instructors at WPU are some of the best and brightest, offering personal attention, insight, and wisdom to students that few universities can match. More than 70% of professors hold a doctorate, and many others hold decades of industry experience and expertise in their respective fields of study. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 15:1, it’s virtually impossible to get lost; you’re more than just a number here at WPU. For more information about the outstanding academic opportunities WPU has to offer check out our website at

Interested?  Head Coach Jamie Bloom’s contact info is below,

Jamie Bloom ~ Head Coach

[email protected]       413-335-4764

Fitter and Faster Clinic is filling up Quick, ACT NOW!
Register here for the 12 and over high performance
Register here for the 11 and under  Getting  Race Ready
Has your 11 and under been particularly good this year?  Have they found themselves on the “Nice List”?  Why not give the gift of FAST swimming!  We have a ton of space in the 11 and under clinic, register now for what is sure to be a great




  USA Swimming 2017 Prohibited Substance List

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself and your swimmer with the prohibited substance list.  This list will go into effect January 1st, 2017



Swim-a-Thon Update

Friday, February 24, 2017

Visiting with relatives over the holidays?   Don't forget to ask them to sponsor you in the upcoming Swim-a-Thon

Shopping locally for the holidays?  Consider asking a local business to support RAC by becoming a corporate sponsor.  Please reach out to Tracy Inall - [email protected] - if you have a business sponsor idea.  We have had several sponsors commit in the past week but we would love to see more.  

Thank you to our latest Corporate Sponsors:

GSG Supply ~ KMPG ~ Ridgefield Bicycle ~ Ridgefield Running Company ~ Swimfinity

TriRidgefield ~ York International ~ Turner Engineering


Thinking Out Loud ~ 6 things to think about when you stumble with your swimming


  Our swimming doesn’t always go, well, swimmingly.

We lose that precious feel for the water. That nagging ache in our shoulder or knee turns into something far more serious. We get frustrated at a lack of progression.

There will be times when we fall short. Sometimes rather spectacularly. This I can assure you. No matter what silver linings may eventually appear over the horizon, during that moment it is difficult to see beyond our bubble of pain . Here are 6 things to consider the next time you find yourself coming across rough seas with your swimming–

1. Friction is a part of growth.

Challenges are the doorways to excellence. Success isn’t seamless or simple ; it’s a jagged climb up the mountain. It’s easy to look at the elite swimmers of the world and imagine that their path to the top of the podium was clean and easy. In reality, it is littered with false starts (not just the kind that gets you DQ’d), wrong turns, and roadblocks.  Those that hit the pinnacle of the sport understand that the ultimate triumph is only necessary because they kept a smile on their face and worked through the bumps and bruises along the way.

2. Complaining won’t help you get there any faster.

Sure, complaining might make you feel faintly better during the moment, but in the end, it brings you no closer to achieving your swim goals. When you complain and search for blame in the afterglow of a defeat or failure you miss out on the lessons that it provides. And while indulging in ye olde blame game may give you a faint sense of self-control, in reality, it stunts you from making the necessary changes to come back stronger, better and faster.

3. Failure is a temporary condition.

Simply because you have come up short on one occasion, it does not mean that you will continue to fail, or that you are now burdened to fail with every subsequent effort. A common example is a swimmer who has an awful swim on the first day at a competition. Yes, it stings that the race didn’t go as planned. Does this mean that the rest of the meet is a lost cause? Absolutely not.

The pain of your setbacks won’t last forever, so trust yourself to be okay when they do happen and be willing to move on from them.

4. Focus on the process, and not the outcome.

Big, lofty goals are tricky. It’s necessary to have them, but they can throw us off course. Either they are so far away that we feel we can delay truly acting on them until another time, or there is such an enormous gap between where we are right now and where we want to go that we become demoralized. While it’s important to have those greasy goals at the end of the line, don’t get lost in them.

Instead, focus on the day-to-day stuff, that which is right in front of you. The outcome will take care of itself when you concentrate on the process of becoming a better swimmer each and every day.

5. Stop worrying about what others are doing.

We don’t all get Olympic-sized pools train in, or a training squad composed of Agnel, Phelps, McLean, Schmitt, and Luchsinger. It’s not always fair having to train in a single 25-yard lane going 2 seconds apart with a dozen teammates. We also aren’t all born with size 14 feet or have super-human growth spurts at the age of 11.

Endlessly comparing yourself to others, whether in competition or during practice only leaves us with the constant sensation of feeling like we are coming up short. If only I had his dolphin kicks. I wish my start was as fast as hers . It’s natural for our brains to organize and rank our performance. Feed this desire by directing the comparison within and hold your swimming up against your past and present self instead.

6. Design a path out .

Turn the pain and frustration into creating a path forward. What did you learn from this experience that makes you smarter and better-equipped moving forward? What are the things that you will do differently in the future? What is one small, meaningful step that you can take immediately that will set you on this path? Looking at building a better path forward reminds you that setbacks don’t last forever and that they can help propel you forward even faster.





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