MAC Masters - 4th Annual Solstice SCM Meet Results

Looks like all those morning practices are paying off!  The MAMASTERS group went to the 4th Annual Solstice SCM meet at the Germantown Indoor Swim Center on December 3rd and placed very well!  They set FIVE meet records and won FIVE first places!  The Men’s team placed 5th overall, with only 5 participating swimmers.  Way to inspire us all...thank you and congratulations!!!


Michael Callahan

3rd place, Men’s 40-44 SC Meter 100 Breast,1:25.34

2nd place, Men’s 40-44 SC Meter 100 IM,1:17.15

3rd place, Men’s 40-44 SC Meter 50 Breast, 38:73


Josh Turek-Herman

1st place, Men’s 18-24 SC Meter 200 Butterfly,2:32.69 MEET RECORD

3rd place, Men’s 18-24 SC Meter 100 Free, 1:01.27

2nd place, Men’s 18-24 SC Meter 100 Butterfly, 1:07.09


Fred Hviid

1st place, Men’s 40-44 SC Meter 200 Free, 2:00.94 MEET RECORD

1st place, Men’s 40-44 SC Meter 200 Backstroke,2:09.81 MEET RECORD


Paul Landon

2nd place, Men’s 50-54 SC Meter 100 Breast, 1:29.21

3rd place, Men’s 50-54 SC Meter 100 Free, 1:09.95

3rd place, Men’s 50-54 SC Meter 50 Breast, 30.61

3rd place, Men’s 50-54 SC Meter 50 Free, 30.91


Chad Merrill

2nd place, Men’s 35-39 SC Meter 100 Free, 1:03.00

3rd place, Men’s 35-39 SC Meter 200 IM, 2:47.03

2nd place, Men’s 35-39 SC Meter 50 Free,29.78

3rd place, Men’s 35-39 SC Meter 50 Free, 30.91



1st place, Men’s 160-199 SC Meter 200 Free Relay,1:52.25 MEET RECORD

Turek-Herman, Hviid, Landon, Merrill


1st place, Men’s 120-159 SC Meter 200 Medley Relay,2:06.59 MEET RECORD

Hviid, Callahan, Turek-Herman, Merrill