RAC NEWS Volume 18 - Season 2016-2017



Current & Upcoming Events

ZEUS 14th Annual Pat Spinola Age Group Qualifier


HHAC Distance/ HHAC Invitational

ZEUS 10&Under Invitational (DEVELOPMENT)

WHAT Swimming Invitational


Schedule Changes
(please see below)

What’s New

Upcoming Swim Meets Expectations
A Gift from RAC

Sound Improvement Project Update

Meet Results
Snowball Classic

Winter Jr Nationals

Motivational Quote

"You don’t have to be bad to change. All too often, people resist change because they assume it means they were not OKto begin with."-Unknown

Thinking Out Loud

New Years Resolutions for Swimmers


Pics of the Week

"We did not expect this kind of fun at Bounce!"

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Schedule Changes

As a reminder, we are now following our Winter schedule, please check your practice schedule for any changes.
Coach's notes: To all swimmers, please be on pool deck 10Mins before all workouts. Swimmers should be in the water at the time all practices are scheduled to start.
Practice Schedule

Meet Results
Snowball Classic

Winter Jr Nationals

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Meet Registration Deadlines

HHAC Distance ~ January 7th

HHAC Invite ~ January 7th

ZUES 10 and Under Meet ~ January 10th


What's New

A Gift From RAC

Happy Holidays from the RAC staff! We are very appreciative of the generous gifts we have received this holiday season. On behalf of the RAC coaching staff, we would like to offer all RAC parents/guardians a free one-month trial to swim with the adult/ masters program. In order to get your free one-month trial, you must fill out this form before coming in. The hours we are offering are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6:30-7:30 am or Tuesday, Thursday from 9:15-10:115pm.

Thank you for all you do!

Fitter and Faster Clinic is filling up Quick, ACT NOW!
Register here for the 12 and over high performance
Register here for the 11 and under  Getting  Race Ready

Sound Improvement Project Update

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of improving the sound quality at our pool!  We are so close to the finish line that we need just one last big push.  We are only $1,350 away from our goal!!!!  We would like to take time to acknowledge our top ten donors,

The Milton Family, The Smith Family, The Coughlin Family, The Arencibia Family, The McGroddy-Gotz Family, The Ward Family, The Axen Family, The Whitehouse Family, The Bryant Family and The Fallon Family.

Help us make this last push!

Upcoming Meet Schedule and Expectations

      Please take a moment to read through the following message regarding the upcoming meets.  There has been much confusion regarding the purpose as well as the expectations leading into the second half of the season.  By familiarizing yourself with the schedule, purpose, and expectations, we can work together on making the rest of the season a success

ZEUS Pat Spinola Age Group Qualifier ~ January 14-16

RAC NATIONAL, ELITE, AGE GROUP ELITE, SENIOR AND AGE GROUP will compete with a full slate of events at this meet, 4 per day, 12 total plus relays on Saturday and Sunday.  Because of the load of events, this meet is intended for highly committed swimmers who are training at the level to handle this slate of events. This is an effort to better prepare the swimmers for the potential load of events at a championship meet.   We are not expecting best times, but we do expect best their best effort.


HMST 8&Under Quadrathon ~ January 15

This meet offers the 100 Free Relay, 25 butterfly, 25 backstroke, 25 breaststroke and 100 medleyrelay . This meet is intended to be for the 8 & under Development swimmers for a fun, team building experience. We are expecting the kids to be able to swim legal strokes, good starts, and good finishes. The top six place finishers of each gender and each group will be awarded at the end of the meet.


HHAC Distance/Invite ~ January 27-29

This prelims/finals (for 11 and over) meet will serve to give the swimmers a chance to make any Age Group or Senior Champ cuts.  Swimmers will be entered in events that they are close to a cut and/or events that they have already obtained and are working towards improving their CT Swim ranking.  Since this meet is a prelims/finals meet, it will offer more opportunities to obtain cuts and improve on CT Swim rankings.


WHAT Swimming Invitational ~ February 10th-12th

This meet will be our last non-championship meet before championship season , and serve as a last ditch meet for swimmers looking to obtain championship standards.  Based on the results of this meet, the coaching staff will be able to formulate an end of the season plan to help best prepare our swimmers for championships.  Swimmers with 3 or more Region 1 Qualifying times will not attend this meet.


Region 1 Meet (QUALIFIERS ONLY) ~ February 17-20

Swimmers who make three of the qualifying standards to this meet will be in attendance.  This meet will serve as a championship prep meet for those who qualify.  Giving these swimmers a championship level meet with competition to match, we expect the swimmers to gain valuable insight and knowledge about themselves just before CT Championship season hits.

Thinking Out Loud

New Years Resolutions for Swimmers

Get in the habit of being more grateful.

It’s easy to grow to despise the lifestyle of a competitive swimmer, especially over the winter months. Two-a-days missed social opportunities, and never ending hypoxic sets (oooh I rue thee so) can all cloud out the things we are super grateful for. Each night pull out your log book/journal/book of secrets, and write out a couple things you are grateful for.

Sleep more!

Now this is a resolution that I am sure a lot of you can get behind. Sleep plays a huge factor in helping you recover from your workouts, and, well, it’s easy! Just lay there, and close your eyes and stuff. The hard part is finding time to do it, and requires you making a commitment to going to bed a little earlier and ignoring the bedroom eyes your cell phone, tablet, and Netflix are giving you.

Straighten out your stroke imbalance.

Many swimmers suffer from stroke imbalances that come naturally from being right or left hand/arm dominant. Things like bilateral breathing, swimming with a snorkel, or doing kick on your off side with one arm out to improve body position (while getting you used to swimming on that side) can help edge you towards having a more balanced stroke.

Start and/or end every workout with a perfect dive.

If you are like me, my practice-opening dive is either—a) run halfway down the pool deck and launch myself into the water, or typically—b) quasi-bellyflop into the pool. As a result, our dives don’t get the TLC they need until dives are explicitly worked in during the workout, or in the days leading up to competition. Sure, one or two dives a day might not sound like a lot, but the consistency will add up over time, and because you are doing so few of them it should encourage you to focus on making them as excellent as possible.

Each day encourage a youngster on the team.

Believe it or not, the younger kids look up to you. Seriously. You’re older, cooler, and get to swim in the faster group. You don’t need to be a world record holder to influence the swimming and the lives of younger swimmers on your team. Each day spend a few minutes working with a younger athlete on the team. Not only will it remind you why you fell in love with the sport

,to begin with, it will make their day.

Work on the thing you keep telling yourself you suck at.

We all have those holes in our swimming, those weaknesses we avoid at all costs. We tell ourselves that we don’t have time for it, and don’t want to work on it because we simply don’t like it. The funny thing is that we tend to have a strong distaste for the things we aren’t good at, right up until the point that we become good at it. And then we love it and wonder how we ever went so long without it in our lives. Whether it is your bilateral breathing, your breaststroke kick, or your backstroke starts, work on ‘em until they get traded to the strength column.

Lead the lane more often.

Don’t be afraid to rise to the occasion. Cruising in the middle of the group, or even towards the end of the lane might be comfortable and safe, but it’s not going to help you swim any faster. Stepping up and taking responsibility for leading the lane means you have to pay attention to the set (a good thing) lest you lose count of laps or repeats, and the little bit of pressure of knowing the rest of the lane is trying to chase you down will push you to give a good effort.

Align your lifestyle with your goals

You work exceptionally hard in the pool, fine tuning your Ferrari of a swimmer’s body with an endless number of meters and deliberate focus on form, so why do you make it harder on yourself by treating your body like a bumperless 1994 Dodge Shadow? By fueling yourself properly, staying hydrated, and managing the everyday stresses of life, you will allow yourself to more consistently perform at the peak of your abilities.

Reward yourself

Marking the small victories that litter our respective journeys makes the long haul of the season exceptionally more enjoyable. You don’t need to wait until you drop ten seconds in your 200 IM to recognize that what you are doing is awesome. Make every practice that week? High five! Did 5 dolphin kicks off every wall for a full workout? Booyeah! Didn’t use 6 arm pulls into each wall during the main kick set? I can respect it! Celebrate the victories and treat yourself, and you will find that you will become ever more eager to seek out continued improvement.

Swimfinity Swimming

Swimfinity will donate $50 to RAC for every new student.  Please write " RAC " in the referral section of the registration form

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