DCST Competes at Missouri Grand Prix



DCST Competes at Missouri Grand Prix


            DCST sent 5 swimmers to the Missouri Grand Prix at the University of Missouri.  This meet was full of some the best swimmers in the world.  There were swimmers from numerous foreign countries including Canada, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Japan, Lithuania, Mexico and Tunisia.  There were also swimmers from numerous colleges including Arizona State, California, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Missouri State, SMU, Tennessee, Texas and USC.  The most competitive event of the meet was probable the Men’s 200 meter Breaststroke event which included the reigning Olympic Champion, the current American Record Holder and the last 3 NCAA Champions all in the final heat at the same time.

            With all of these impressive swimmers, DCST performed extremely well.  DCST’s results are listed below:


Emily Launer

            800 meter Free (9th)

            200 meter Backstroke (16th)

            100 meter Backstroke (21st)

            400 meter IM (21st)

            200 meter IM (36th)

            200 meter Free (37th)

            400 meter Free (38th)

            100 meter Free (44th)

Grant Alef

            200 meter Backstroke (15th)

            1500 meter Freestyle (17th)

            100 meter Backstroke (28th)

            400 meter Freestyle (37th)

            400 meter IM (41st)

            200 meter Free (61st)

Katie Hallenbeck

            200 meter Butterfly (26th)

            100 meter Butterfly (29th)

Casey Jepsen

            50 meter Freestyle (35th)

            200 meter Freestyle (47th)

            100 meter Freestyle (49th)

Tara Gidaszewski

            200 meter Backstroke (35th)


            Women’s 800 Freestyle Relay (6th)

            Women’s 400 Medley Relay (13th)