DCST TYR Classic 2017

This weekend over 120 swimmers from DCST will be competing at the DCST Winter Classic.   We have swimmers in multiple stages of their season; all of the swimmers are aiming to improve upon their technical racing skills for championship success.   The swimmers will be competing over 3 days at the Bickner Aquatic Center in multiple events; we have swimmers that will be finishing their IMX scores this weekend while others will be improving their score.

The coaching staff looks forward to three great days of comradery and cheering from the swimmers as well as some great technical swimming.   The swimmers have been working very hard all season and this is one more chance for them to show off the work they have been putting in at practice.

Good Luck to all those competing and thank you to all of those that are putting in extra work this weekend to volunteer and make the meet a huge success.