Chena Meet Recap

Congratulations to the 15 swimmers who participated in the Chena Invitational Meet January 28-29!

For some of our Hurricanes this was their first time competing at a two-day “sanctioned meet”.  What’s a sanctioned meet?  Good question, it’s a swim meet where Swim BC officials check the swimmers strokes, turns and starts to make sure they obey FINA standards.  Parents, you may have noticed a “DQ” in lieu of a time for your swimmer’s results, this simply means that a judge noticed something less than perfect during the race.  This could be something as simple as a swimmer stopping to adjust their goggles or touching the wall with one hand instead of two during a touch turn or finish.  There are a ton of rules to abide by in swimming so that is why we coaches stress the small stuff in practice.  Regardless whether your swimmer may have been “DQ’d” or not, I have made notes of all the swimmers times and their entries at the next development meet will include their times from this meet.

The meet started out fantastic with Emily swimming a lightning fast 50 Fly.  Emily dropped just under 13 seconds to swim a time of 44.68.  Meghan also swam a best time dropping 3 seconds off of her previous best.  Congratulations also go out to Natalie for swimming her first ever 100 Fly, narrowly missing the “A” time standard with a time of 1:42.4.  Addison also achieved a best time in the 25 Fly dropping a whopping 5 seconds!  We have just come out of a training cycle focusing on dolphin kick rhythm and breath timing in the butterfly.  I am pleased to see some great results in arguably the most difficult stroke to perfect.  Congratulations also go out to Zach and Sarah in their 100 IM.  Sarah swam a best time of 2:07.6 and Zach nearly beat the 2:00 minute mark with a time of 2:02.9.  Excellent work!  We have some Dream (and Discover) swimmers well on their way to the 4 minute 200 IM LMR time standard.  Another highlight was the 25 freestyle that saw Rebecca, Merhan, James and Ariana go best times by significant margins.  Merhan and James both dropped 4 seconds from their previous bests (a huge amount of time for a 27 second race) and Rebecca and Ariana both beat 30 seconds in their first Freestyle races!  Awesome!  The 50 Free was also a great event for the Hurricanes with Claire smashing her best time by over 15 seconds to achieve a time of 50.0!  Great Work!  Hana also had great results with a time of 51.6, three seconds under her previous best.

Saturday afternoon we had nine swimmers participate in the Chena Distance Meet. Congratulations to Meghan, Emily, Tyler and Natalie who all competed in the 400m Freestyle for the first time! Tyler even raced under the A time standard in his 400m Free! In the 800m Freestyle Jessica raced to her AA time standard dropping 52 seconds off her previous best time and Jade just missed her AA time by less than a second. Cami and Laura both reached their A times their first time racing the 800m Freestyle!

All swimmers in Discover 1&2 and Dream should be signing up for our Development Meet on Sunday, February 26th!

100% Best Times
Jade Clement, Cami Hill, Emily Jones, Laura Leeson, Merhan Mansour, Jessica Strong, Natalie Yu

>66% Best Times (or 100% with DQs)
Ariana Bosa, Zach Bosa, Samuel Cowley, Addison Groenewold, Sarah Gunn, Rebecca Haigh, James Tiwari

New Time Standards

AA Provincial Championships
Sidney Clement – 100m Backstroke
Natalie Yu – 50m Freestyle