Casino Night, Meet Schedule & Other Important Updates

Hi All,


Aren't you just in love with the new pool? I know I am. It's great how things are coming together here at Blue Wave. Good things happen to those who do not quit...more on that later. A request. Please read this entire post. While it is a tad lengthy, there is important information for every familiy on our team at all locations. Thanks in advance for our cooperation.

Well, it is almost time for the BSAC Casino Royale Fundraiser.

The event takes place this Friday, February 17th, from 7:00pm to 11:00pm at the Regent, located at 6437 Watson Rd in Riverview, Florida. The more I find out about this event, the more impressed I am with it. Take the night’s menu, for example. Coastal Catering, Livey O’s Catering, Comfort Catering, Longhorn Steakhouse, Uncle Mike’s, Chik-Fil-A, Fuzzy Tacos, LeAnne Cheesecake, Dove Chocolates and Fresh Original Food have all teamed up to offer us a wide assortment of tastes and treats. Add an open bar and I am sure you’ll agree that is more than worth the price of admission; which is only $50 a person.

But wait, there is more...

Not a drinker? Try your luck at the casino tables or spend some time on the dance floor. There will be a photo booth where memories can be made and shared. Remember, there will be silent and vertical auctions where you can bid on a wide variety of events, items and experiences. I am donating an entire summer of swim camp and a series of four private competitive swim lessons to the auctions. There are so many great things to do and see at this event. This is sure to be a good time.

We have paired this event with an onsite Parent’s Night Out.

Dinner, games, snacks and drinks will be provided on site at the Regent for the younger ones. You can enjoy yourself at the Casino Royale knowing your children will be active, happy and well cared for. Space is limited. The early bird RSVP price is $25 for an individual or $40 for all the children in your family. After today, February 15th, the price increases to $30 per individual or $45 for the family. To reserve a spot, call member services at (813) 689-0908 or email .

While I am a big picture person, I am also a pragmatist.

I would love to send a message to our larger BSAC family that our swim families appreciate everything they are doing to enhance our programs and facilities. Allocating some of your entertainment budget on this event will go a long way to ensure that we, the swim team, are perceived as more than just users of a facility, but rather, valued partners in the BSAC family. More to the point, your support of this event will help me help your children as we continue to grow and develop our program. I appreciate all of your support to date. Thanks in advance for any support you can lend to this cause as well.

One more quick Casino Night item,

I mentioned earlier that I am donating some services. If you would like to do the same, we are still putting together some last minute silent auction packages. There will be a large audience at this event. It may be a great way of getting some visibility for your business or service while helping the community as a whole. Let me know if you have any interest in this opportunity at your earliest convenience so you can be a part of this special event.

Berkeley Meet

It was nice to go to a fun, fast meet this past weekend.  

The weather was great. It was good to see our swimmers step up and swim hard mid season. Full results can be found by clicking here .

In addition to many personal best swims, we had some new NSCA 14 & Under National Qualifiers.

Added to the list of Blue Wave swimmers who have qualified for that national level competition, to be held this March in Orlando, are Emaly Martinez and Saige Fentsor. Jordan Jansen also qualified for the NCSA meet in the 500 Free on Friday, to increase his total number of NCSA cuts he has achieved to date. It will be nice to bring a true team to Orlando and show the rest of the country what is taking place here with our age group program here at Blue Wave.

Please note:

If you had any additions or subtraction to the catered lunch option this past Saturday you opted for before the event, please let me know.  We will be making any adjustments necessary by this Friday at noon. Accounts will charged when we have the final numbers.

Other Upcoming Meets

Qualifier Meets

There will be more meets added to our competition schedule soon.This is so our swimmers will have more opportunies to make FLAGS and NCSA cuts. We are looking into the possibility of hosting some time trials here at BSAC. This would give our swimmers a home field advantage, with our fast, state of the art starting platforms. If we can not pull this off in time, we will look to enter the Area 3 championships and/or the Berkeley Last Chance meet.

Area 3 will be held in St. Pete the weekend of March 3rd through 5th. The Berkeley meet will be held on Tuesday, February 28th. Look for more information on how we will proceed soon.

Mini Meet

We will hold our first ever Mini Meet in our new pool on Saturday, February 25th. Registration will occur between 9:30 and 10:00 am. Warm ups will be held from 10:00 to 10:25am and the meet will start promptly at 10:30am. This meet is targeted for our Stroke School, Blue and Novice swimmers from both Blue Wave branches. It should be a lot of fun! Full details can be found by clicking here.

Blue & White Meet

We will hold an intrasquad meet after the Mini Meet on Saturday, February 25th. This will be a combined event with swimmers from both sides of the bay taking part in some friendly competition. We ask that swimmers in the training groups not targeted for the mini meet sign up online prior to noon on Wednesday, February 22nd.  Once we know who is attending, we will split up the participants into a Blue Squad and White Squad. Coaches will be assigned to each squad and will formulate a lineup for the meet.

This will be more in line with a high school or summer league dual meet rather than the typical invitational meets we normally attend. We hope the swimmers and families will be creative when they are cheering for their respective squads. Points will be tabulated and a winning team will be crowned. We will have a celebratory lunch for all the swimmers and families following the event. While the times will not be official, it should be a fun way for our swimmers and families to get to know each other better. We hope that you will take part in what we hope is a new tradition.

Never, Ever, Ever, Quit  

We held morning practice the morning after the Super Bowl (because it is the right thing to do). During the big game, I watched in amazement as Atlanta stormed out to what seemed to be an insurmountable lead. I bring up the fact that we had practice the next day for the following reason. It would have been easy to go to bed under the assumption that the game was over.

Sleep is a highly valued commodity when you get up at 4:30 every morning. While I was comtemplating turning off the game and heading up to bed,  I heard the announcer say that no team has ever come back from more than ten points in a Super Bowl Game. It was at that point I knew I could not go to bed, not just yet.

My mindset is that winners win...and the Patriots, love them or hate them, are winners. I just felt that they were going to find a way to claw back into the game. Winners win not because they are more talented, they win because they never quit. They do not dwell on the negative, rather, they seek solutions to the problems that are preventing them from their ultimate victory.

Well, The Pats came back and the rest is history.

I do not bring this up because I am a Patriot fan. I bring it up because winning, whether on the football field, the pool, the classroom or in life, comes when you never, ever, ever quit .

I ask the swimmers all the time, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time” is how I have trained them to respond. My goal is that they cultivate a winning mindset; one where nothing is impossible or insurmountable.

We have had some challenges in our way when I took over the helm of this club. Change always brings unique challenges. I do feel that we have managed those changes in a positive manner and are better off for it organizationally. As a result, we are growing larger, and performing well, in and out of the pool.

I bring this up because we still face many challenges team-wide. We are adding more facilities to the fold, more staff and, most importantly, more families.  As we expanding in size and scope, let’s always remain true to what is becoming more and more ingrained in our team's culture. Let’s always be up for any challenge. Let’s be positive, knowing that if we continue to press forward in that positive manner, we will succeed. Let’s never, ever, ever quit.

Hey, where did that elephant go?

See you at the pool (and hopefully Casino Night),