2012 LAC Partners & Links
Congratulations LAC swimmers for a great Dutchman meet!

Congratulations LAC Swimmers and Parents for a great Lost Dutchman Invitational. We had a fantastic team meet with almost everyone participating getting at least one best time. Swimmers had a positive attitude through the cold and wet weather and there was a terrific team energy at the meet. 

Congratulations to Jacqueline and Matthew for achieving their first Junior National Cuts 

Congratulations to Maddie, Jack D., Tyler, Aven, Lily, Natalie, and Parker for making new Far Western Time Standards 

There are many more highlights to come in our next newsletter. 

Thank you Trish Gomez for arranging a great party on Sunday night at the San Marcos hotel. Thank you Heidi Demayo for buying a cake to celebrate the special achievements. Thank you Akins family for driving down a pop up. Thank you all parents and LAC BOD who braved the weather and helped arrange for pop ups at the meet. It was a lot of fun and we made some great memories. Go LAC !