A Call For Help & Other Updates

Hi All,

I had to write this post during a workout so it will be brief and to the point. There is important information so please read on.

Important Coach Bridget Update - Bridget nevers ceases to amaze me. Her strength is incredible. She must have been fun to coach!. Even though she can put on a good face, she could use a helping hand. Consider this a call for some help.

Meal Train - We can all do a small part to make her life a little easier while she is going through this battle. You can click here to learn more about a Meal Train that Melanie Herron has put together. I want to thank her for her efforts in this regard. Getting involved is simple. Follow the instructions on the above link and you can provide a meal for Bridget and Adam. That will make life just a tad more comfortable for them both. Thanks for any help you can lend.

No Dryland Tomorrow - We will be short staffed due to our participation in the Berkeley Last Chance Meet. We will not offer dryland for any of our training groups Tuesday, February 28th.

Berkeley Meet - Warm ups start at 4:30pm tomorrow. I know it may be difficult to get there right at that time, so do the best you can. More information, including event order, meet start times, etc., can be found here.

Mini Meet & Blue & White Meet - What a great couple of events! I appreciate all of the kind words following this past weekend home meets. Congratulations to the White Team on their victory.  It is so nice to be able to offer fun, fast and family friendly events right here at our new pool. Look for more of these types of events in our future.

Area 3 Meet - The first version of the psych sheet has been posted. It can be reviewed here . I will post more information about that meet soon.

OK. Time to get back on deck.

See you at the pool,