A New Kind of Mini Meet and More

There have been many changes to our program since I arrived this past fall. I appreciate your willingness to support all of these changes. Know that everyone of them is carefully considered before instituted. The long term goal is to make each individual's experience amazing so the team as a whole will grow and thrive.

Too many times, coaches simply follow what has been done before, year in and year out. That blind devotion to convention can keep a program in a rut. Let’s be real. Things change. We have to always be vigilant and pursue ways we can improve the experience for our swimmers and families. This season, we are changing the way we run hosted mini meets and other events.

This Saturday, we are going to try a new way to host and run our Mini Meets.We will be going from a paper-based system, to one that is cloud-based. This is important for a variety of reasons. One, it will be easier and more efficient to run the events. Secondly, and this one is important to me, is that our swimmers and families can track their progress over time online.  This new system will also allow us to reward the swimmers more appropriately at the end of each season.

We are looking for your help to make this transition a success. We are using a system called, “Meet Central”. You can learn more about the advantages of the system by visiting their website and watching their tutorial videos. The website can be found here:

The system utilizes iPhones and iPads, not stopwatches. We are looking for volunteer timers to help us try out the system this Saturday at our Mini Meet. If you want to help, and have either an iPhone or Ipad to bring to the pool, please go to the app store and download the Meet Central app. Please bring your device charged with you Saturday, and you will be good to go.

A quick note. In the future, we will use an automated starting system.  We will be using manual starts this Saturday as the new starter is not here yet. I want you to be aware of this as you watch the video and get more comfortable with the platform.

If this system is successful, it will be a game changer for our program.  We can produce an unlimited amount of fun, unique and family friendly meet formats for all of our swimmers. Best of all, we can run these events right here in our own backyard. After struggling through a novice meet with over 1,000 swimmers a few weeks ago, and continually traveling to allow our swimmers to compete in Championship meets, the thought of us crafting meets tailored to our swimmers and families needs, right here, is very appealing.

Here is a link to all of the online training modules for Meet Central.  If you want to be a volunteer, please check them out. Contact Megan Diedrich and let her know of your intent to help. Older swimmers. This is a great opportunity to get some service hours under your belt while helping your younger teammates. Please email Megan here .

I have seen pictures of the long course pool with water. You all are lucky enough to see the progress first hand! All I can say is it is a great time to be a part of Blue Wave. Here’s to our long term happiness and success.

See you at the pool(s),