A Letter Regarding Our Long Course Facility

Hi All,

The following post is from Theresa Hickie regarding the long course pool. Spoiler alert. It's all great news! It is so fun to watch as our facilities become world class. These upgrades will help ensure that we can offer our members the best possible experience for many, many years to come. Thanks again to Chuck Burgess for his tireless efforts to make all of this possible. A special thanks to the families who gave me an opportunity when I arrived. Looking back, we have shared a transformative experience. Another spoiler alert. It's only going to get better. Here is Theresa's post:

Hello Team Colwill Diving and Blue Wave Swimming Families,

You have watched for several weeks now the transformation of the 50 meter pool.  What you saw was new paint in the 50 meter and teaching pool with a fresh coat of paint around the perimeter.    This is what you didn’t see behind the scenes…a new filtration system, new pumps, new motors, all new electrical and chemical feeding system.  The pool will run much more efficiently with better filtration and energy usage.  The water will turn over quicker to give our swimmers a cleaner pool. 

The last 4 days we have watched the water level rise and I could feel the excitement on the pool deck today with the swimmers wanting to jump in and play water polo.  We are not quite ready yet.  There are still a few more steps to go before we can allow anyone in the pool. 

Next week we will begin the process of turning on the pumps so that we can start balancing the water.  We are regulated by the state on pool start ups and we have to wait for a company to come in and do the initial start up of the pool.  They will hook up all chemical feeds and make sure that we have proper flow rate in the pool.  Plus, let us not forget that we need to heat this body of water and that will take a few days as well.  Our goal at BSAC is to have the pool open by April 1.  That is still our goal if all goes well next week with the start up. 

In the next few days the guards will be putting all of the lane lines back in the pool, flags up and ladders in.  We will be taking down the ropes around the pool.  Please do not get in the pool until we let you know all is good to go. 

We have a few more updates coming to spruce the place up a bit.  Our plan is to paint the dive dry land area as well as painting the steps leading to diving boards.  We have volunteers power washing the outside bathrooms and they will be painting the walls and floors.

 I want to take a minute to thank all of our families for your patience throughout this process.   I know it is never easy to go to another facility to swim or dive.  You are on the road more which takes time away from your family.  We appreciate you sticking with us here at BSAC.  We are striving to be the best in town in all that we do here.

It is an exciting time to be a part of BSAC with Blue Wave Swimming and Team Colwill Diving and of course or Learn to Swim program.

As Rich Says…..see you at the pool!

Theresa Hickie

Aquatic Director