Kandle Kred: The Volunteer Incentive Program


Kandle Kred
In the past, Department Organizers and Certified Officials were the only ones incentivized despite all the other jobs worked necessary to run meets. I've come up with the Kandle Kred incentive program to reward those parents and siblings that are out there just as much as the Officials and Organizers. Hopefully this will bring new volunteers into the fold as well.
When you work a job at a meet or FUNction, you will receive Kandle Kred. At the team banquet, we will have raffle baskets to place tickets into.
The prizes will be tiered: 1 Kandle Kred per ticket in first tier (max 2). 3 Kandle Kreds for Second Tier, and 5 Kandle Kreds for highest tier. If you work 5 meets, you would receive the following:
2-Tier 1 tickets, 1- Tier 2 ticket, and 1- Tier 3 ticket. 
Prizes: Free Swim Team Fees for 2018, 30% off 2018 membership/ swim team fees, and grand prize to be announced later.
Volunteer Leaders: Receive $40 account credit

Scorer: Responsible for working the scoring table at all meets. Recruits order of finish for home meets.
Computer Operator: Enters meet results into the team computer.
Photographer: Takes photos at all meets and team functions. Gives files to Jace to post on social media.
Ribbons: Writes ribbons for all meets. Recruits assistant ribbon writer and 2 runners for home meets.
Seek and Deploy: Organizes the round-up to get kids to events. Recruits someone to work the card table and two parents to find kids for events. Helps the 8 and under relays.
FUNctions: Works with the Kandles to plan, set up, and run team FUNctions.
Alt League Rep: Checks in with all volunteer heads during the week to make sure jobs are being filled for the meet. Attends league meetings if Jace is unavailable to attend. Collects list from all volunteer leaders at meets/ functions for Kandle Kred and forwards combined list to Jace. 
Head Timer: Responsible for running the timers' meeting at home meets and serves as head timer. Distributes and collects team's watches. Serves as alternate timer for away meets.
Lead Lane Timer (6 needed): Responsible for recruiting at least 1 other timer for their lane for home meets(might want two for bathroom/ refreshment breaks). In charge of the lane clipboard. Works their lane for away meets.
If you are interested in having a lead volunteer position, please email me your preference, as well as a back up option in case it is filled.  I will give priority to those that held the same position the year before. 
You're not limited to one position per household. If both you and your spouse want to hold separate positions, you'll receive credit for both positions.
Certified Officials:
Certified officials receive $40 credit for becoming certified. Course dates will be announced later. 
Meet Schedule:
Sat. 6/24 Away @ Collingswood
Sat. 7/1 Home vs Elmer
Sat. 7/8 Home vs Raccoon Valley
Sat. 7/15 Home vs Tritons 
Sat. 7/22 Away vs Peachwood
Peach Bowl? Site has not been updated
SSA Champs at Elmer
Friday Night 7/28: 15-18 Only
Saturday AM 7/29: 10 and Under
Sunday AM 7/30: 11-14