Timers needed at Senior Sectionals

BBST is responsible for 2 timers on Friday and Sunday during prelims.

·          All timers should CHECK-IN at the Volunteer Desk in the upstairs lobby. 

o   We’ll have a schedule available at the desk for team parents to optionally write in their name for their team so other team parents know who has signed up for what and when.

·         ALL timers should come to the timers’ meeting each morning (8:40am).  If there are extra people we can set up relief timers for those who must leave early or split the sessions. 


Unofficial Timeline:

Wednesday        Timed Finals       4:30pm – 7pm

Thursday             Prelims                 9am – Noon

Friday                    Prelims                 9am – Noon      

Saturday              Prelims                 9am – 12:35pm

Sunday                 Prelims (not incl 1650s)  9am – 11am