Complete GTSA Championship Meet Information

Hi All,

I know I sent out a link to most of the info for this weekend’s meet, but I thought a clearer explanation might be appreciated, especially for our newer families. There is a lot to get to, so let’s get started.

Psych Sheet

Everyone should be able to access their event schedule through their online TeamUnify account. That information will help you locate your swimmer in the meet psych sheet (link below). The psych sheet gives you an idea of where each swimmer is ranked for each event.

Please keep in mind that this is a prelims / finals meet for the 11 and older swimmers. That means that the top ten 11 & 12, 13 & 14 and Senior swimmers of each gender in each event will qualify for the finals session held later that evening. Please check with your coach before you leave after your last morning event.  Sometimes a swimmer who qualifies top ten may scratch. This means that the next available swimmer will be given the opportunity to swim that event at night. Always, always, always check to see if you need to come back before you leave.

Here is the link to the psych sheet:

Here is where you can find results: 


Not everyone swims the first event each session. You can get a good estimated start time for each event by looking at the timeline (link below).  Experienced swim families, if your swimmer's first event is scheduled to start over two hours from the start of the first event, you may consider arriving fifteen minutes or so before the start of the meet to warm up. We do not want the swimmers sitting around for almost four hours before they swim. Younger amd newer swimmers chould come in and warm up with the rest of the team at the scheduled time.  There are important things to learn regarding a team warm up. As you have more meets under your belt, we will give you the flexibility to change warm up times based on your event start time.

Here is the link to the timeline:

Important Meet Schedule Changes

From time to time, a meet host may change the order of events or combine heats to move the meet along. Below is an announcement of some important changes from the meet host:

“Saturday morning we will combine the last heat of girls with boys for event 15 & 16, 31 & 32, and 33 & 34 to help get under the 4 hour rule...All 11 & older relays will be swum mixed (both genders some together, but scored separately) to get the BEST competition from all the swimmers.  The 10 & under session only has the Sunday relays flipped (10 & under relays swim first)”.

Warm Ups

Friday’s session will begin at 5:00pm. Warm ups start at 4:00.  We have assigned lanes for each warm up session. Friday , we have lanes two and three on the locker room side. Let's be behind the blocks, ready to swim, by 3:55pm.

Saturday & Sunday mornings (11 & Older), the meet will start at 8:30am. We have lanes two through five on the locker room side of the pool. Let’s be behind the blocks, ready to swim, by 7:25am.

Saturday & Sunday afternoons (10 & Under), the meet will start at 1:30pm.  We have been assigned lanes one and two on the baby pool side of the pool. Let’s be behind the blocks, ready to swim, at 12:40pm.

The times may change, for a variety of reasons. I will email any changes as soon as possible.

Heat Sheet

Heat Sheet will not be on sale at the meet.  They can be printed and brought to the meet by using the links below

Friday Night

Saturday Morning

Saturday Afternoon

Sunday Morning

Sunday Afternoon


The following is directly from the meet host regarding tents.

“Team Tents will be allowed on the east side of the pool only.  We will have a few tents for coaches only on the west side of the pool.  In the stands your families may set up tents from the 6th step to the top of the bleachers.  If anyone needs special assistance and can not go up the stairs to the bleachers we will have a designated area for them on the west side of the pool”.

Thanks in advance for our volunteers who bring our tents to our events. We should follow the guidelines et above.  I am sure that space will be at a premium.


This may be an issue, The following from the meet host regarding this subject.

“Coaches, the best parking area for you and officials will be on the east side of the pool.  We will not be parking at the Robinson High School on Friday Night.  High School parking will be available on Saturday and Sunday.  Limited Handicap parking will be in the front of Bobby Hicks Pool Parking Lot”.

Parking, like the tent space, will be at a premium. Most families will park in the grass opposite the Robinson High School football field.

What To Bring

Bring deck chairs, extra towels, sunscreen, healthy foods and drink, proper footwear, and, as always a great attitude. I have been very happy with our families adherence to these recommendations. Leave the Slim Jims, Ho Hos and other highly processed foods on the grocery store shelves. Proper hydration and replenishment will go a long way to maintain high levels of performance all weekend long.  

Warm Down

The swimmers have been instructed, ad nauseum, about what they should do post race. They need a minimum of 600 yards recovery after each swim (some may need even more). If, I mean when, they have an amazing swim, please encourage them to warm down, refuel and speak to their coach before running up and getting a big hug and high five from Grandma and Grandpa. We want solid performance team-wide through the course of the entire event.  Doing the little things right will help ensure that will come to pass.

Final Thoughts

I am so excited about the meet. To me, it represents so much more than a typical event. I see this as our first team-wide end of season experience.  We will have swimmers of all ages and from both sides of the bay, competing together as a team. I believe this will be an amazing opportunity to show the swimming community at large what is taking place here at Blue Wave. I look forward to sharing this experience with the entire swamily.

If you made it this far, thanks!


See you at the pool - RIch