2017-2018 LC Meet Bids

Dear PNS Teams,

We have finally cleared up the Long course calendar for the Spring/Summer 2018 season at KCAC.   You will find the dates below.  (full calendar is attached

Additionally, in response to the oversubscription of the Spring Divisional meet, technical planning has changed the February AGI (now an open meet with dequal times) as well as the Spring Divisional meet.  The specifics of the changes are below.

Finally, to shape out the rest of the Short Course season, we are looking for the following meet hosts:

1)      October Challenge : One

2)      November AGI :  zero needed, (we have 1 too many so if your team is willing to switch, let me know)

3)      January Challenge : Two

4)      Winter Challenge: One

5)      February AGI (Now called Divisionals… see explanation below): Three

 Please e-mail your bids for the above and your bids for the attached Long Course meets by Tuesday, May 2nd at 12:00 noon.  Bids should be e-mailed to as well as (Bid forms are available on the PNS website under meet operations)

Please let me know if you have questions,

Suzanne Rychlik


Spring Divisional/February changes rationale:

The Spring Divisional meet in March turned out to be oversubscribed and required the Technical Planning Committee to take an immediate look at resolving the long preliminary sessions that occurred on both Saturday and Sunday of the meet.  We spent a significant amount of time to determine what make adjustments needed to be made to the meet to improve the experience for everyone.  

It was determined that a qualifying standard need to be put in place to reduce the length of the preliminary session timeline.  By making this change to the meet it required us to change the February Age Group Invite who previously had only been open to Gold level swimmers and above.  The February AGI will now serve more swimmers which it has not done in previous years.  It will resemble the December Fall Divisional meet.

The February AGI name will be changed to the February Divisional meet.  With a 11&O prelims session and 10&U middle session and 11&O final sessions.  Friday night will offer the 400 IM and 500 Fr.  There will be no qualifying times for the meet.  Athletes may not compete in their Age Group Regional events at the meet.

The Spring Divisional name will change to the Spring Showdown as to not confuse it with the February Divisional meet.  11&O athletes who have Age Group Regional qualifying time will not be permitted to compete in the meet.  The qualifying times will be faster than gold and a slower than Age Group Regionals.

Because the February Divisionals will serve more athletes we are going to need more hosts for the meet to keep the meet size to an appropriate size.