Finishing The Outdoor Bathroom Project

Dear Swim Families,

Have you seen the outdoor bathrooms? They look amazing. The paint on the women’s room is giving us a glimpse into how the finished product will soon look. In addition to the painting, many of the areas that needed to be addressed were on Saturday as well. It took a lot of elbow grease, but the place looks so much better. Thanks again to all of you who came out and did your part to make this transformation possible.

We are are nearing the finish line and would love to get some additional help to stay on course and complete the project on time. Here is the plan and what we need to get it done.

Our goal is to paint both bathroom floors this Saturday. To accomplish this, we will need to finish painting the men’s room walls. Rod is looking for some volunteers who can help with painting during the week. If you have some time during the day or evening, please email Rod

We would like to inconvenience the BSAC programming as little as possible. If we can coordinate multiple people on a specific day, that would be preferred.

We have a lot going on as an organization right now. We are expanding our locations, programs and people at a very fast pace. We are transforming our facility here at BSAC and are establishing roots at Clearwater High School, FishHawk Ranch and other communities in the greater Tampa Bay area. We have a large, team hosted event coming up in less than three weeks. I haven’t even mentioned the Swim-A Thon or summer programming.

I feel that we are at a tipping point. All of these changes are coming together to form a true organizational shift. The perception of our club is changing; within and outside our organization. We are transitioning from what could be considered have nots to haves. We now have every tool we need to build a club that can introduce families to the sport through to a club that is competitive on the National level.

While I could rattle off all the things we have, I want to point out our biggest asset. You. Our dedicated swim families. We are creating an environment that fosters excellence, reduces drama and, wait for it, is fun. I can not thank you all enough for your support.

These seven months have been incredible. I am looking forward to writing another one of my long blog post about our first year’s accomplishments in August. Working together, we can have a positive impact on our community’s families for many years to come.

See you at the pool - Rich