Development Meet Recap

We had a very quick and fun development this past Sunday, the Hurricanes raced against each other and pushed themselves to some great performances, especially in the IM events.  We had a number of swimmers swim their first 100 IM and 200 IM with some encouraging results. Congratulations to Brooke who achieved her LMR time standard in the 200 IM going 3:54.24 and dropping 9 seconds off her previous best time.  Awesome!  Atria also dropped some serious time in her 200 IM swimming a 3:43.01 to beat her previous best by over 15 seconds.  Some additional highlights of the 200 IM were Kiersa dropping 23 seconds off her best time to swim a 4:23.27, Tara dropping 20 seconds off her previous best time to achieve a 4:24.21 and Erika taking off 13 seconds.  Way to go girls!  Congratulations also go out to Addison, Hana and Jasper who swam the 200 IM for the first time.  Excellent!  Jason Fu swam a spectacular 100 IM dropping over 12 seconds for a time of 1:55.47, we look forward to seeing Jason swim his first 200 IM in the future!  

Our Discover and Dream swimmers have been focusing on their Breaststroke training since the last development meet in February.  James bested his 50 Breaststroke time by 26 seconds, Alessandra dropped her 50 Breaststroke time by 17 seconds and Lucas Yu took off over 12 seconds!  In the 25 Breaststroke event, Norah took off an impressive 7 seconds and Mikayla dropped 8 seconds over a single length of the pool. Way to go!

It was encouraging to see so many of our athletes step up and swim with maturity and attention to detail, employing correct turns, touches and using the blocks to dive.  Many of our swimmers were doing flip turns, underwater pullouts and diving from our new wedge blocks for the first time in a competition setting. 

We have one more meet this season up in Whistler on May 27th and 28th where our older swimmers will also be competing.  I encourage everyone to sign up for this unique competition where our entire team will be representing the Hurricanes. 

First time dev meet – Cameron, Ian

First time 200im – Jasper, Hana

First time 100im – Andy, Alessandra, Cooper

100% Best Times

Tara Danaei, Jason Fu, Rebecca Haigh, Hana Horsman, Brooke Johannson, , Mikayla Morris, Shae Murtha, Erica Panahandeh, Kiersa Shariff, Cameron Southby, Ian Southby, James Tiwari, Lucas Yu

75% Best Times

Jasper Creed, Esme Jessup, Alessandra McCready, James Tiwari, Atria Zehtab, Norah Zhao

New Time Standards:


Brooke Johannson – 200 IM