Coaches Corner 3/12/10

Message for Head Coach Andy Lehner

Congratulations to all swimmers who competed in the recent Maryland Swimming Championships. MAC placed fifth place overall and the coaches are very proud of them. The achievements speak for themselves. I am excited that we have so many kids going to swim meets this year. In March we sent 44 kids to the Maryland State Swimming Championships and this weekend 40 kids are competing in the Junior Championship Swim Meet. Thirty-five swimmers will swim in the 10 and Under Championship Swim Meet on the following weekend and later in the month some of our swimmers will swim in the Mariner Swim Meet. Good luck to all of those swimmers who are swimming in the above stated meets.
We would like to wish Hanne Borgersen much success as she travels to
Orlando next week to swim in the National Swim Coaches Association Junior Nationals.  Swimmers will be representing their team from as far away as California and will come from all regions of America . Hanne will be swimming in five events over the course of the five day period she will be in Florida . MAC is taking fifteen swimmers to the Speedo Championship Series Swim Meet held in Gaithersburg , MD on the weekend of March 25-28. This is the most swimmers the club has ever taken to this important since MAC's inception over thirty years ago. We will also have "A" and "B" women's relays  for the first time ever. We will also have four men in the meet for the first time also.
I would like to mention three items which I think are very important. It is vital for all of our swimmers who are in the Novice, Age Group I, and Age Group II levels of the team to attend swim meets. Swimmers need feedback and swim meets are a great vehicle to measure success. Meets are beneficial because the coach is able to just watch only one swimmer at a time and makes it easier to evaluate the start, turns, and stroke technique of that athlete. It is important for all of the swimmers to stay with MAC throughout the months of May thru August. Valuable workouts which enhance a swimmer's development is lost forever if one does not swim at the level which we provide at MAC. Working out during the summer is when swimmers need to increase their practice time. The Coaches at MAC know the children best and can provide the best training for them.
The swimmers who are on the White, Red, and Black groups also need to step up their training for the summer. What you do in the summer can have a profound effect on how successful you will be in the next short course season. I will be offering morning practices starting in May before school and we will be swimming double practices this summer. Swimming requires dedication and commitment in order to be successful. I've implemented goal setting and logging requirements for our senior swimmers. By recording times in Training and Competition log books, swimmers will be aware of progress they are making in training and will be better able to know their personal best times, the targets they are aiming for, and evaluating of their swim results. It will also provide the Coaches with useful information to identify which area of your swimming may need special attention. I will ask to see swimmers Training and Competition logbooks periodically so please make sure they are up to date at all times and they are kept in a safe place.