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Important Information Regarding Suits and This Weekend. PLEASE READ

Hi Stingrays!


Swim Suits - I will have the swim suits tomorrow or Thursday, at the very latest, and will be distributing them at practice from 4:30pm to 7:00pm.  If you ordered anything other than a suit it will be delivered at another time.


Team T-Shirts – All swimmers will be getting their team t-shirt Thursday or Saturday morning depending on when they are ready.  Team t-shirts along with a dark color short will be worn for the group photo.  Individual photos can be taken in the swimmer’s suit or t-shirt, whichever you prefer.


Team Photos and Time Trials – Saturday May 20th.  Please refer to the below schedule.  Keep in mind times are approximate.  We will do our best to be on time, however we greatly appreciate your patience if photos and or the meet run slightly off schedule.  The meet sheet for Saturday will be emailed Friday night.  Please be on the lookout.


6:40am Photographer gains access to pool & begins setup on deck


7:40am Individual/Buddy Photos begin

8:20am Team photo taken and finish individual photos

9:00am Meet begins


How to Order Photos – Yary Photography Envelopes have been placed in all folders.  Please complete the form on the envelope and provide a check made out to Yary Photography or enclose the exact amount of the desired package, the photographer will not have change.  When photos are ready, they will be placed in your family folder.


What You Need for Saturday - Your swimmer!  Dark colored shorts for your swimmer, swim cap and goggles (it's always good to have extra on hand), plenty of towels, sunblock, your equipment to set up your camp (don't forget that tarp or waterproof blanket as the grass is often wet in the early morning) a sharpie to write your swimmers events and lots snacks and water to keep those kiddos from getting thirsty, hungry and or cranky! 


See you on deck!  It’s going to be a great day!

Carrie Smith