Quick Friday Night Update

Hi All,


We will hold regularly scheduled practice tomorrow at BSAC ( click here for current BSAC practice schedule). We had hoped to get our new Florida Swim League approved early enough in the season to hold a one (1) day meet tomorrow, but it simply did not happen in time. The good news is we did receive approval for the league today.  This will open up many positive future possibilities for our athletes and their families, including a trip to the Cayman Islands at the end of July for those swimmers with a “BB” time (and a passport) or better.  More on that in another post.


Summer Practice Schedule Tweaks


This was our first week of summer swimming together.  After tomorrow’s workouts, I will tweak the practice schedule to better reflect the realities I saw this week.  Please be sure to check out my post tomorrow which will contain those revisions so you are prepared for the minor changes moving forward.




I appreciate the concerns some of our families have personally espressed to me regarding the amount of hours I spend working on and off deck. When I hear the same thing from a few families, I know that others feel the same way. Let me state I am living my dream. At this stage in my life there is little concern of me burning out. Think of this as a lifestyle choice. Better yet, think of this as my investment in our program’s long term future.


Will I be working the number of hours I currently am putting in a few years from now? No. I am fully confident that we will continue to attract, train and unleash the best staff for each level of our program. We already have some of the best coaches in Florida on deck working with our athletes. I am so grateful for their willingness to buy into our philosophy.


For now, I want to ensure that new Blue Wave culture is properly cultivated program-wide. It’s all about our swimmers and parents learning and internalizing the big picture concept. That takes time; time with the both all of our swimmers and time with their parents. I am happily investing my time right now because I know the dividends we will all reap in the future. It motivates me each and every day. And, I get to do all of this with co-workers who I know share my vision and purpose. How lucky am I?


Thanks for having my is a sign that my time is well spent.


OK...time to stop typing and go downstairs and watch a movie with my wife. She totally supports all my craziness. Thank goodness she swims with us each day and shares my commitment to positively impacting people in our community through swimming...but let’s hope we can agree on a flick!


See you at the pool - Rich