BSAC Summer Schedule - Revised 6/11/17

Hi All,


Week one of the Summer of ‘17 s almost officially complete. As mentioned in Friday’s post, this is my first summer season here at BSAC. I used this week to get a better sense of the flow. Armed with that experience, I have revised the practice schedule to meet the realities on the ground. Please check your swimmer’s new options below as his or her schedule may have changed.


Stroke School


We started off the summer offering Monday & Wednesday, as well as Tuesday & Thursday Stroke School options, in both the morning and evening. We scheduled our evening stroke school sessions later in the day than in past years. Our goal was to avoid session cancellations due to lightning. While the 6 and 6:45pm start times were well received, the same could not be said for the 7:30pm option. We want to offer this important program to as many area children as possible. We will revisit the start times each month to ensure as many children as possible can participate.


From July on, we will register families for Stroke School in the following manner. A family can choose Mon. & Wed. morning or evening, or they can choose Tues. & Thur. morning or evening. We will have a few start times to select as their preferred start time. Every effort will be made to place the swimmer in the preferred start time. If logistics demand that we start a few swimmers forty five minutes earlier or later than the requested time, we will do so.  This will maintain the integrity of the sessions while we do our best to meet our families desired start time. Final session start time assignments will be posted on our site the Thursday prior to the new month.


For those of you enrolled for June, Coach Katie or Steve should have spoken with you about your options. They have been busy condensing sessions to make the experience better for the children. Our goal is to have the swimmers in small pods so they can have fun and learn with others. In essence, we want them to feel like a part of a team, not still involved in swim lessons.


As the swimmers in our BSAC swim lessons program move through level 4, we will look to add as many Stroke School sessions as needed to meet the demand for Stroke School. For now, we will limit the sessions offered to meet our current demand. When those classes fill, we will open the other time slots.


Summer Swim Teams


  • BSAC - We have had a good response for our late morning and evening summer swim team options at BSAC.  We have removed the 7;00 - 8:00am offering due to lack of interest. As always, if there is interest in the future, we will provide staffing to make it available.

  • Rivercrest - Like BSAC, our later morning option was better received than those that were earlier. We currently have swimmers in our 9:00am session. If there is demand to increase our presence earlier, we will again provide staff to make that happen.

  • FishHawk Ranch - FishHawk is benefitting from a small presence on site last year, coupled with months of dedicated promotion before we kicked off last week. We are nearing full capacity. If and when we hit that mark. We will see about securing additional time t meet the community demand.



New Morning Training Times


For the most part, the mornings has gone well as planned. The two changes that will make from here out to make it go even smoother impact the Masters & Silver swimmers.


  • Masters - Let’s extend the Masters from 6:00 - 7:00am to an end time of 7:30am. There is enough space and enough interest.

  • Silver - We will move the Silver group up a half hour. The time will now be 7:30 - 9:00am in the water and 9:00 - 9:30 for dryland.


Everything else in the mornings stay the same.


New Evening Training Times


I felt that the swimmers who could not make it in the morning, and were only able to swim at night, had less opportunities in the summer than they did in the school year with our original schedule.  A forty five minute option for our Novice swimmers or seventy five minute option or our Age Groupers was simply not enough. I also saw that friday evenings are lightly attended (as they are across the country in age group programs). To provide more opportunities to our swim families, we are changing our evening offerings to the following:


  • 6:00 - 7:00pm, Monday through Thursday. This will allow our Blue+ level swimmers an opportunity to stay in the water for an hour a session.  The increased time from the school year will help them learn and internalize skills faster.  This is also a good time slot for swimmers in other training groups who come in the morning. We will be focusing more on stroke technique during this hour. Adding a double session in the summer is the second best way to get better. Our Swim Camps options are the preferred method. If you have questions regarding what is best for your child, just ask.

  • 7:00 - 7:30pm extra conditioning option,  Monday through Thursday. Swimmers in our Blue and above training groups who come to the evening option are invited to stay until 7:30 for additional training.

  • We will not hold practices on Fridays. We will be entering the competitive phase of our season soon. The fact that many of our coaches will be at meets, combined with the low traditional turnout on Fridays, means we are better served increasing the training times Mondays through Thursday.


SwimFit and BSAC Summer Swim Team will both still meet from 7:00 - 8:00pm


A Word On Options


I am not a big believer in forcing anyone to do anything. That said, I may offer more options for swimmers than any other program in the country. When you see something like “AM Option” or PM Option”, your child can come to one, the other or both. You do not have to select one over the other unless it is expressly mentioned in the the training group description.


Additional Changes


Hopefully, I have outline all of the changes properly.  If I have missed something I will update it right away. We are constantly looking at ways to make your family’s experience the best it can be. If we feel we can add, tweak or change something to make that happen, we will. Thanks for being a part of our team.  It means a lot that you have chosen to bring your children to us.


See you at the pool - Rich