PLS in National Open Water camp 2017

Four-day camp introduces elite distance swimmers to open water discipline

Local Pleasanton Seahawk swimmers, Daniella Hawkins and Miranda Heckman were selected as two of 24 up-and-coming distance athletes for USA Swimmingýs National Open Water Select Camp, which was held June 6-10 at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Florida.

The camp identifies the best distance swimmers in the U.S., offering them a unique motivational and educational experience. The National Open Water Camp is viewed as an integral step for athletes to move from the pool to Open Water, then to the international scene.

"National Open Water Select Camp plays a key role in strengthening Team USAýs open water team at the international level," said USA Swimming Club Development Managing Director, Pat Hogan. "Elite distance swimmers already have the swimming ability, but this camp encourages athletes to explore open water swimming as an additional option to their current pool training to potentially represent the U.S. in international competition."

Athletes will experience workouts in the pool, lake and ocean, in addition to educational sessions throughout the four-day camp. Athletes will learn open water strategies, technique, nutrition, recovery and more from elite open water coaches.

The swimmers were selected based on times from the 2016 season; eight men and eight women were chosen using the top 1500 times of the year, while four men and four women were selected based on the results of the 2016 5-kilometer National Open Water Championships.

Congratulations to the Pleasanton Seahawks and these talented athletes!