Important Weekend Practice & Meet Info

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We are fully immersed in the summer activities. We have so much going on across the entire Tampa Bay area. I want to thank our coaches, support staff and volunteers for helping us make all of this a go. I also want to thank our swimmers and families for believing in our people and program.  It is an honor to work with each and every one of you. I am proud to be associated with Blue Wave.


This update had too many links to be an effective podcast, so I took the time to make this post. If you have any questions, just ask. OK, here we go...


Recreational Swim Meet This Saturday @ BSAC


We will hold another Recreational Swim Meet at BSAC Saturday. All Summer League, Stroke School, Blue, Bronze, Silver & SwimFit swimmers at all of our locations are highly encouraged to participate. We will offer shorter distances in all four (4) strokes as well as a one hundred (100) yard individual medley. We may throw in a fun relay or two at the end.


We will utilize the Meet Central timing system again. We are asking for volunteers with charged iPhones to help us as timers. It’s really simple. We will have a registration and warm up at 10:30am and a volunteer huddle at 11:00am. Please let us know at registration if you can volunteer.  Thanks in advance for your help here.


The cost is $10 per swimmer for returning Recreational Swim League participants. That allows you to compete in as many events as are offered for your age and gender. If this is your first meet of the season, we add a once yearly $5.00 league fee to offset the cost of the timing system.


You can learn more about the Recreational Swim League and Meet Central by clicking the link below:


Saturday Practice Changes


Blue, Bronze, Silver & SwimFit - There will be no practice for these athletes this Saturday. Please consider attending the Recreational League Meet instead. FYI...these are not simply the “mini meets” of old. We can now clock you electronically, track your progress over time and get valuable feedback when you attend these events. We hope to see you there.


Gold - Senior II - we will hold an in-water session from 8:00 - 10:00am. Dryland will follow until 11:00am


Floribbean Swim Festival Is A Go


I can’t believe we pulled it off, but we did.  We will host a three (3) day meet here the weekend of the 21st of July. We will play host to local teams as well as team from the Caribbean. The following weekend, we are invited to go to the Cayman Islands and swim in an event there. We plan this to be an annual event; one the swimmers and their families should remember fondly long after they leave the sport. This meet is geared for swimmers who have not qualified for USA Swimming Futures Championships (think Spring Junior Nationals) or above. It is great for younger newer and all sub national level swimmers and their families.


Our goal is to always offer exceptional experiences to our families. We plan this to be an annual event; one the swimmers and their families should remember fondly long after they leave the sport. Getting the meets sanctioned took some time. We will have travel options available this weekend.


We know it might be hard for families to make the trip this year. We should have plenty of lead time for next summer.  It’s hard to start new traditions, but we feel it is too important not to try. We will be asking for volunteers for our portion of the festival soon, so please keep the dates open if you can.


Orlando Summer Solstice Swim Meet


When I put this meet on the calendar, I had hoped forward-thinking coaches would see the value of this meet and send their high performance swimmers. This is the last weekend to qualify for World Championship Trials. This meet is a good choice for high achieving athletes because it is at sea level, indoors and has prelims and finals with twenty four (24) slots for seniors to swim at night. My hunch paid off. There will be approximately thirty (30) teams from Florida, as well as Colorado,  Massachusetts, North Carolina, Georgia and New Jersey. Ireland is sending some national team members as well. This will be a great environment for our swimmers.


There will not be assigned warm up lanes for this meet. For Friday morning, let’s be behind the blocks, ready to swim, by 6:25am.  The timeline does not have the afternoon sessions starting until 2:30pm each day. Let’s be ready to swim by 1:25pm.  We will make adjustments as needed after the first day. If anything changes, I will send out an update.


The timeline suggests a very long weekend on deck. Let’s be prepared with plenty of healthy food and beverages along with a lot of dry clothes and towels. Let’s wear our Blue Wave Bling proudly each day. I am expecting a great showing by our athletes.



This is a targeted meet. Tech suits are encouraged. Let’s control the controllables, stay positive and race like champions. I am very proud of the environment we are creating daily. Let’s get out there and it Friday yet???


Here are some important links:


Heat Sheet


Psych Sheet




See you at the pool - Rich