DCST "trails" Algonquin Trails


DCST “trails” Algonquin Trails


                    Swimming at the Algonquin pool brings back fond memories for me, personally.  This was the very first pool that Lynnette swam a meet in.  I felt like a bad mom expecting my tiny 6 year old to jump into a pool at 7 am when the temperature outside was below 60 degrees.  We survived and have been competing for 10 years now.  Along the way, we have met some great families and wouldn’t change a thing. Take a look at your swimmer – what’s your favorite meet experience?  Those of you with the 8 and unders – enjoy this time and make the best of every moment. 

                    DCST had 42 swimmers participate in the Algonquin Trails meet.  We were outnumbered by a lot.  We scored 293 points, but Algonquin was able to score 388 points to achieve the win.  The following swimmers scored more than 10 points:  David Beaty (11 points), Nathan Braun (15), Nina DeLaCruz (13), Nicole Fitch (11), Savion Mack (15), Sophia Martinez (11), Hannah Raetzke (15), Alex Schlueter (15), Domenico Schlueter (11),  Lynnette Schlueter (11), and Hunter Smith (15 points).

                    Our next swim meet is at home against Oswego. Warm-ups:

                                        3:00 National team, Bulldogs, Mastiffs

                                        3:30 Labs and Newfies

                                        4:20 Terrier, Golden Retrievers, Greyhounds, Huskies, St. Bernards, Great Danes

                                        5:35 Meet Starts

Remember, 3 meets to be eligible to swim the Conference Meet on July 15th.  We need everyone there!  If you haven’t signed up, please do so ASAP.