Mid Summer Updates

Hi All,


Well, we are smack dab in the middle of the summer activities. It is going to get more compressed as we approach the season’s end. We have a lot of upcoming activities for all of our levels. I wanted to take a moment and outline the plan, and discuss some other issues, so we are all on board.


Potential BSAC Sports Academy Virtual School Meeting


This Tuesday, June 27, at 6pm, we will hold a meeting about potentially offering a full or part time virtual school option for athletes here at BSAC. A representative from the Hillsborough County arm of the Florida Virtual School system will be on hand to answer your questions. This meeting is exploratory in nature. We would like to gauge the interest in offering a program like this from our families. If you have even a small interest, I suggest you come down.


Things are changing rapidly in education. We have an opportunity to offer swimmers workouts and additional swim-themed classroom time without being at the pool at 5am or staying until 8pm. As swimmers advance, they need more in water and coach contact time. Developing swimmers make massive gains with increased exposure to the sport. The changing landscape of public education is making it possible for us to consider the development of a BSAC Sports Academy; one where athletes of many sports can hone their craft, work with like-minded athletes and maintain a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.


We hope you can join us and add your voice to this important conversation.


Recreational League Meets


We had such a great turnout for our last Recreational League meet. These meets are perfect for all of our Stroke School, Blue, Bronze, Silver and Summer League swimmers at all of our locations. The last meet so well received, that we are adding another one on Saturday July 1st. Warm up and registration will be at 10:30am. We will start the meet at 11:30am. The cost is $10.  There is an addition $5 league fee for swimmers attending their first meet of the season. Swimmers can compete in as many events as are offered for their age and gender.


We will host another Recreational League Meet on Saturday, July 15th. Our summer league season will end with a Recreational Championship meet to be held at BSAC on July 29th. We are planning a post meet celebration so be ready to party.


NTCA Summer Fun Meet (Clermont, Florida)


This is a 50 meter age group and senior event that features timed final events for the 11 & older swimmers on Saturday and Sunday. This meet is open to all USA Swimming registered swimmers. If you participated in the recent YCF meet, you may want to sit this one out. Swimmers who were at that meet and are still looking for cuts are encouraged to attend. We added this meet to our schedule because of the second swim opportunity. If you could declare your intentions by Monday morning the 26th, I’d appreciate it.


Florida Swim League Invitational


We will be hold a USA Swimming sanctioned meet on Saturday, July 8th. These times will count toward FLAGS, Futures, Juniors and US Open swim meets. We will offer 50s, 100 and 200 of each stroke as well as 200 and 400 IMs. We will offer distance events for those needing cuts in the 400, 800 or 1500 free as well.


Florida Swim League Championships


This is a three day long course prelims, short course finals meet hosted at BSAC. This is open to all USA Swimming registered swimmers. We will have A and B finals for 10 & under, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 & over athletes in both genders. Florida Swim LEague member clubs and teams visiting us from the Caribbean will be on hand for the meet. The format is very swimmer friendly. It was designed to give as many swimmers as possible a season ending second swim.



Cayman Islands Invitational


We hope you can join us for a trip to the beautiful Cayman Islands. Full information, including travel arrangements can be found on the trip’s event page on our website. Lock in the lowest prices on airfare, etc. right now.


Broader Vision


It may seem odd to run all these rec meets, push for the Florida Swim League or even host a small meet here and the Caribbean to end the season for our sub Junior swimmers and families. I felt we needed something different and exciting for this important part of our club. While it would have been a lot easier (trust me, a LOT easier) for us to follow the herd in terms of meet selection, etc., I feel we would have been wasting the gift that is our new and renovated facilities. If we can make a difference, we should. It might not be easy, or even embraced by the swimming community at large just yet, but it will be eventually.


I was there at the first NCSA Junior Nationals. There were only 230 or so swimmers. It was new and not universally accepted. Coaches and club officials want to see if it would work. Well, that meet quickly grew to over 1800 swimmers and became the fastest 18 & under meet in the country. I feel we are doing the same thing here this year.


To me, it’s also about establishing traditions. The Floribbean Swim Festival can become a great tradition for us. While we may not have a significant presence in the Caymans this year, I know a lot of families have already told me they are getting passports and saving up for next year. Going away is a much better experience for our families than sitting for the days at a overcrowded, all day, rain soaked Area 3 meet. They may not remember their times, but they will remember the fun they had on the trips.


The same is true for the Florida Swim League. It took some time to get the sanctions, etc. Other teams will eventually come around and see that this is in their swimmers, and programs, best interest. Right now, we are holding up the tent for the long term benefit for our team and the sport in general. We can, and will, make a difference.


You know the difference between pioneers and settlers, right? Pioneers pave the way for others to follow. I feel we are doing just that right now. We are using our immense assets to change the scope of swimming in our community and beyond. We have the opportunity to work with the AAU, ISCA, Charter Schools and others to create new and exciting events, leagues and even new event types. I am thankful for all of your support and as we make this come to pass.


We have come a long way in a short period of time. Our staff is shaping up, we have expanded in terms of locations and programs and our swimmers are performing at a much higher level. As Blue Wave become more and more stable, we can move forward on these and other important initiatives.  Let’s embrace the challenge of becoming the a nationally recognized center of excellence...and let’s have fun along the way.


Thanks again for support and being a valued member of our team.


See you at the pool - Rich