Day 4 NCSA Junior Nationals


Day 4: Dusk. Friday. The mood was tense as the Clippers marched into the natatorium. With a swagger that showed everyone that we were here for business, our swimming showed the same. To help illustrate how the day went, we will refer to a newly written rap by M Weezy a.k.a. Max Williamson.



By: M Weezy


Woke up in the morning all on Friday

We all knew that this is our day

We will swim as fast as a boat

And you will swim; sike that you float

All up in your face we gloat

We are respected our pride we tote

Finals swims, we did great

To snatch the gold we won’t hesitate

We had Mary to the B

After her, we had E

Then we had Caitlyn F

M weezy’s rymes are so def

Oh ya at the beginning we had shane

He made the other swimmers feel pain

Also we had krissie Brandenburg

M weezy’s flow is colder than an iceberg

Then we had the 2 free relay

And then we finished the thing we called our day.

Stats From the day:

Ellen Williamson – Finished 8th in the 100 fly and 100 back. This makes Ellen’s total of 4 top 8 finishes so far this week.

Krissie Brandenburg – Climbed onto the Podium tonight tying her life time best time in the 100 backstroke to finish 4th place.  

Caitlyn Forman – In Forman fashion, Caitlyn jumped out to a quick start in the 100 backstroke to finish 2nd in consoles and her time of :54.17 was the 7th fastest overall in the meet.

Mary Bank – jumping out to a quick start tonight, Mary moved up a spot to finish 31st overall in the 100 fly.


Shane Coltharp – settled into his normal race strategy tonight and moved up 7 spots to finish 26th in the 500 freestyle.



The night was finished off by our girls 200 free relay moving up 4 spots to finish a very impressive 4th place finish. The relay was made up of Krissie Brandenburg, Mary Bank, Caitlyn Forman and Molly Hinken. Their time broke the Clippers team record.