Open Water State Championship

 Open Water State Championship was held at Lake Andrea in Pleasant Prairie, WI.  All of the swimmers began and ended in the beach area.  The 10 and under age group swam a 1K, 11-12 year olds swam a 2K, 13-14 and Open swam a 3K.  After the event, Cole Moon told me, ”I’d rather swim a 5K than the 3K.”  DCST had 6 swimmers participate in the Open Water State Championships. The wind and rain delayed the meet for a short time, but it didn't stop our swimmers from performing at their best. Daryl Kay placed 5th in the state in the boys Open division and Donny Gramer placed 9th  for the boys 13-14 division.   

2K Swimmer:        Jacob Gramer (11)  placed 21st

3K Swimmers:

*       Nicole Fitch (13) placed 32nd

*       Donny Gramer (13)  placed 9th

*       Daryl Kay (Open) placed 5th

*       Cole Moon (Open)  placed 20th

*       Collin Moon (Open) placed 16th

This meet was a very fun way to "swim outside the lanes" and do something a little different. We would love to increase the number of DCST swimmers attending this type of meet in the future and encourage all of the swimmers to always do their best.