GOAL finishes 2nd as team in overall MWS Short Course Championships

Wow!  It was quite the scene last night at UNO as GOAL supporters came out in droves to cheer on their team at the final session of the 12 & under short course championships.  There were so many GOAL kids who were not swimming in the meet but were there yelling for their teammates, holding up signs and getting very animated.  I think we definitely won the best team support award (if they gave one), and that was noticed and much appreciated by all 8 of the GOAL coaches at the meet last night (dressed in coordinated polo coaching shirts, I might add!).

Here is how the meet ended up:

Overall combined MWS Short Course D1 Championships (after adding the 13 & Over meet score):

1.  Lincoln Select Swimming  2836.50  2.  Greater Omaha Aquatics  2770.50   3.  Greater Nebraska Swim Team  2093.50   4.  Swim Omaha  1900   5.  Millard Aquatic Club  1420.50

12 & Under Short Course D1 Championships:  1.  Greater Nebraska Swim Team  1762.50  2. Lincoln Select Swimming  1332  3.  Swim Omaha  1181  4.  Greater Omaha Aquatics  1085  5.  Sioux City Mariners  665

GOAL swimmers in the top 12 of the individual high point standings for the 12 & Under Meet:

9-10 girls - 11. Kami Fox  35 pts.  12. Ruth Hailu  32 pts.

11-12 girls - 5. Anya Lindholm  83 pts.  6.  Ellen Ellis  79 pts.

11-12 boys - 2. David Ikezu  106 pts.  7.  Michael Simmons  79 pts.  11.  Brian Magee  66 pts.

Great job TEAM!!