PWSL Week 6 Results

Sudley's swimmer Sam Pomajevich broke the only league record to fall this week in the Boys 15-18 IM with a new time of 57.46. This week the weather was warm as well as the water. Due to this only 30 team records went down this week. With next week being divisionals I expect to see lots of team records broken as well as a few league records.

On the team front Sudley completed the regular season as the only undefeated team this year. Congrats to SouthBridge as they swam up a division to edge out Ben lomond this week for the only upset of the week winning by only 147 points.The regular season of dual meets completed this week. As all the teams prepare for the tri-meet of Divisionals, I fully expect to see some tight races to victory. The red, white, yellow and green divisions are only one win difference between all three teams in the regular season. With three teams swimming points can be stolen from the thrid team and can change the outcome of any one of the divisional meets. Most of the other divisions are only 2 wins different at most. With the increased compention between divisions fast times are just on the horizon. 

As always after the divisional meets the Computer Reps like to get together to see what would happen if the 4464 swimmers who had legal times in the county got together for one swim meet. Being Computer peeps we like to speed things up an have a virtial meet aka the Cyber meet. Here the computer reps merge all the times from the 8 divisional meets and rerun the times to see what if the county only had the one meet. The best part is we only spend a couple of hours (versus days in a live meet of this size) merging files, verifing results, then printing ribbions for the top swimmers in each age group, gender, and event swam that day.  

Please see the updated   summary sheet for an overview of all the meets.The Top 25 individual times and  Top 15 Relays of the week are also available. This week's cyber meet, league record file and the Excel version of the summary report as well as the mid season reports are  available to the computer reps on this site; while interactive results are available at