Victoria (Island Invitational)

**You must submit a HARDCOPY (paper) entry form for this meet.

Attached is the Victoria Island Invitational Meet Entry Information and Entry Form (in Word format). Please read the information carefully.   Entries are due Friday, April 2nd (next week).

Time Standards

Tentatively, we are planning on only sending one coach to the meet (Coach Cindy). 

Friday will be a travel day, with no entries in the meet.  We will plan a team activity/dinner for that night.

In looking at our options for getting to Victoria, it seems to me that sailing out of Tsawassen is our best bet…as they offer continuous sailings throughout the day.

Anacortes only offers one sailing on Friday, and that’s at 8:30am.

The BC Ferry sailings out of Tsawassen terminal run every odd hour in both directions.

It is virtually mandatory to make a reservation these days…for both crossings…so this will be critical.

I recommend that we all sail together on the 1:00pm boat on Friday the 14th.

If we make the trip at that time, we can enjoy a few sites in Downtown Victoria, perhaps even arrange our own cool sight-seeing tour or city scavenger hunt for the early afternoon.

We could also enjoy dinner as a group and have our big fun on the first day…leaving the swimming for Saturday and Sunday.

On Sunday, families can leave right away or catch a later ferry at their discretion after the meet is over.

The BC Ferry rate schedule is here.

Please note you’ll need to make reservations for BOTH sailings (Friday and returning Sunday).

You can make reservations here on their website. If you prefer to call them, their number is at the bottom of that reservations page link.

I would like to add that on a first come first serve basis, I can take about 3 extra swimmers with me…either to spend the weekend or to just travel with the team and have parents follow on a later sailing. If you’re interested in arranging this, please let me know as soon as possible.

Looking forward to a great trip!

Coach Cindy

Ask the coaching staff if you have questions.