Summer Nationals 2


Summer Nationals 2017                           Like We’re Totally Awesome (80’s theme)

The small but mighty summer national team has had 3 days of fun in Greensboro, NC.  We are missing our other national teammates who were unable to make the trip. 

We enjoyed our pizza party tonight at the hotel with the swimmers, parents, and a sibling.

Day 3

The day was started with a senior recognition.  All of the swimmers who have graduated and are leaving for college soon were asked to step forward for all to see.  Our very own Collin Moon stepped forward and was recognized in the program.  For those of you who do not know, Collin will be attending the University of St. Thomas. 

Sarah swam the 100 backstroke to get our day started.  She looked strong in her race and swam well.  I admire her most for enduring the time she has to spend with all the boys.  

Daryl swam the 200 Freestyle at a nice pace.  He was able to pull off a fast finish and drop time.  He made the time in LC that he will need for the qualifying time for the winter nationals. 

Nathan time trialed the 200 free and the 50 free.  He dropped time in the 200 free which put him that much closer to making his national cut.  He also dropped time in the 50 free, but achieved his best time in this event when he swam the lead off for the 200 freestyle relay.

Day 4

Daryl will swim the 400 freestyle and the 50 freestyle

Sarah will swim the 50 fly

Nathan will swim the 50 fly

Collin will time trial the 400 IM

Day 5

Sarah will swim the 200 fly

Alex will swim the 100 freestyle

Daryl will swim the 100 freestyle

Collin will time trial the 200 fly