Schedule Changes For The Transition Weeks From Summer To Fall

Hi All,

This news post is a modified version of an email I sent out a while back regarding the schedule changes that will take place during our transition from the summer season to the fall. We are also introducing some schedule changes forupcoming season, as well as a significant change in our Stroke School (now Novice) program. I am posting this information here to make sure we reach all of our valued team members.

I currently in Nashville with Coach Svet and Coach Kyle for the USA Swimming Futures Championship. We have offered an AM and a PM option for swimmers in Silver through Senior II for the past week. The AM option has been from 8:00 to 9:30. The PM option has been offered from 6:00 - 7:30. Tomorrow, Saturday we will hold a practice for Bronze through masters from 8 - 10am.

We will offer one PM session from 6 - 7:30 the week of August 7th - 11th for all non Stroke Schoolers. There will be no mornings, dryland or Saturday practices offered this week.

Former Stroke Schoolers (now Novice) will swim at either 6:00 or 6:45pm next week, Monday through Thursday.

Fall Group & Schedule Changes - Starting August 14th

We are excited to make some program changes for Fall 2017 and beyond. The changes reflect our growing numbers and our swimmers’ growth as athletes.

We will retire the name Stroke School and instead use Novice as the training group name for our entry level swimmers. The concepts taught will be the same, but we will offer four (4) forty five (45) minute sessions per week instead of two. The key word is offered; there will be no attendance minimums. We want to ensure that all of our swimmers have the requisite level instructional time to acquire the skills they need to improve. We will offer Novice sessions at 4. 4:45 5:30 and 6:15pm Monday through Thursday.

Below is a breakdown of the Fall practice schedule for all of our other programs:

Group          Days           In Water Times      Dryland Times

Blue               M-F           5:45 - 7:00           5:30 - 5:40
Bronze          M-F           5:45 - 7:15           5:30 - 5:40
Silver*           M-F           5:45 - 7:30           5:00 - 5:40 (T & Tr)
Blue-Silver       Sat           10 - Noon
Gold*              M-F           5:45 - 7:45           5:00 - 5:40 (M,W&F)
Seniors*          M-F           3:45 - 5:45           5:45 - 6:45
SwimFit          M-F           3:45 - 4:45           4:45 - 5:30
Gold & Sr.    Sat           8:00 - 10:00           10 - 11am
Masters          M-F           5:15 - 7:00am
          Sat           8:00 - 10:00     

*Optional one hour weekday AM workouts at 5:15 or 6:00. Please see Rich for more details and if this is appropriate for your child.


All pricing structures will remain the same, with the exception of the Novice program.  Even though we are doubling the instruction time, we are only increasing the monthly cost by $10 to $75 monthly. There are still no member / non member price difference for the Novice swimmers. Doubling the contact hours is critical to our Novice swimmers development. The move will help our Novice swimmers progress at a significantly faster pace than they have in past seasons. Thanks for understanding and accepting our rationale for the change. We only want what is in each child’s best interest.

As you can see, we have increased the time in the water for all of our programs. A noticeable exception is a fifteen (15) minute decrease in our Gold group. I pushed the sessions to 2:15 last year because I needed additional time to explain what we were doing each day. With nearly a year in the system, the swimmers know what to expect. The reduced hours at night means they can get a little more rest. That may mean that the morning options will become more attractive option and we will have more hours per week as a result.

The new schedule will go into effect the week of August 14th.  THERE WILL BE NO MORNINGS OR DRYLAND THE FIRST WEEK OF PRACTICE. We will use the first two weeks to evaluate the swimmers. We will make final fall training group assignments prior to September 1st.

Thanks for being a part of Blue Wave. We are making huge strides in so many areas. I am thankful for all the support I received since my arrival. Working together, we can do amazing things.

See you at the pool - Rich