Day 5 -- The End of Summer Nationals


Summer Nationals 2017

Our last day of swims in Greensboro, NC.  We have had an exciting week.  Everyone should be safe and sound with their families now.  It’s a long way to travel, but worth it to see these athletes compete at this level.  I can’t wait to see who goes to Nationals in the spring.

Sarah swam beautifully in the 200 butterfly.  She was seeded 42nd and dropped 1.34 seconds to make  35th place.  What an exciting race it was to watch.  She was all smiles after her swim, maybe because she was finished and ready for some family time.  Enjoy what’s left of your summer.

Daryl swam the 100 freestyle next.  For a “distance” swimmer, he sure can swim those short distances fast.  Daryl was seeded 85th, but placed 79th with a time drop of .20.  He was fast off the blocks, engaged his feet, and went all out.  It was a great way to finish off his time in NC.

Alex finally swam his individual event.  He had to wait all week to swim again.  All of that waiting didn’t help his swim.  He was seeded 57th, but placed 117th by adding .82 seconds.  He plans to make more National cuts for the spring so he doesn’t have this much time between races.  Live and Learn.

Collin finished our trip to Nationals with the 200 fly time trial.  He swam a graceful fly with lots of energy.  He achieved a personal best time in the 200 fly in long course times.  He was seeded with a yards time for this event.  Now he is off to start the next chapter of his life ….. College Swimming.  We wish him the best in this adventure.

Team Illinois at Nationals consisted of athletes from Leaning Tower, DCST, and 1 swimmer from Champaign.  We had special warm-up caps for the swimmers to wear with Illinois printed on the side.  Here's to hoping we have more swimmers representing Illinois at the next National swim meet.

All in All, the 11 of us from DCST had a fun time.  The dad’s spent time together in the evenings talking tools and cars.  The kids spent time in the athlete village during the meet and in the hospitality room at the hotel playing cards and “talking” to their friends on their phones. 

A special thank you to Mr. Scott Hein for:  reserving the hotel rooms, ensuring that the athletes had a hospitality room, requesting a room for our pizza party, ordering lunches each day, picking up the lunches most days, and for keeping me informed of the extra things that I needed to do to keep traditions in place.

See you all on deck soon with our new Head Coach, Matt Anderson.  Enjoy the rest of the summer.  It’s almost Back to School time for the kids.