Clovis Swim Club, 2017 Summer JO Champions!

Another summer and another amazing Junior Olympic Champs for the Clovis Swim Club!  This year was really fun because the rivalry was with ourselves.  Our boys team and our girls team finished the meet with less than 400 points between them (boys won!).  The coaches also put out the challenge to try to score more points than we did the previous year (6380…we were SUPER close).  It was a fun way to engage our crew and they were up to the challenge:

  1. Clovis Swim Club               6226.50
  2. Tule Nation Tritons          2884.50
  3. Sandpiper Swim Club       1810
  4. Paso Robles Aquatics       1046
  5. Merced Skimmers             905.50

From an individual standpoint, we had lots of successes in the water.  I like to break it down by the numbers to really bring out the “wow factor,” so here it goes:

33 Individual Junior Olympic Championships:  Charli Phillips (5), Cherlou Lopez (1), Meg Calumpang (3), Tara Goertzen (3), Mikaela Morris (1), Makenzie Thomas (1), Ella Guffey (6), Keosonemyxay Winslow (1), Lucas Chang (2), Ian Belflower (8), Cameron Schwantes (1), Ryan Barton (1), Colton Allen (3), Justin Niles (1), Nathan Schwantes (1), Jeffrey Forbes (1). 

25 Relay Junior Olympic Championships:  8&Un Girls 200 medley relay (Hailey M, Dillan M, Rowyn W, Audrey H), 8&Un Girls 200 free relay (Hailey M, Amelia S, Rowyn W, Audrey H), 8&Un Boys 200 Free relay (Demetri K, Kannon K, Kevin C, Anson W), 10&Un Boys 200 medley relay (Anson W, Kevin C, Roman V, Kannon K), 10&Un Boys 200 free relay (Nathanael C, Matthew C, Nathaniel R, Max T), 10&Un boys 200 medley relay (Nathanel C, Nathaniel R, Max T, Matthew C), 11-12 Girls 200 free relay (Charli P, Bianca F, Allison R, Aliaa H), 11-12 Girls 400 medley relay (Bianca F, Cherlou L, Charli P, Allison R), 11-12 girls 400 medley relay (Aliaa H, Emily C, Charli P, Nicole K), 11-12 Girls 400 free relay (Nicole K, Abigail H, Allison R, Charli P), 11-12 Boys 200 free relay (Keosonemyxay W, Ben R, Sean C, Colby V), 11-12 Boys 400 free relay (Jaydan C, Colby V, Chase B, Keosonemyxay W), 11-12 Boys 400 medley relay (Brian K, Sean C, Keosonemyxay W, Jaydan C), 11-12 Boys 200 medley relay (Keosonemyxay W, Sean C, Ben R, Colby V), 13-14 Girls 400 free relay (Tara G, Brooke C, Katelynn S, Meg C), 13-14 Girls 200 medley relay (Meg C, Tara G, Brooke C, Katelynn S), 13-14 Girls 400 medley relay (Meg C, Tara G, Brooke C, Katelynn S), 13-14 Girls 800 free relay (Brooke C, Tara G, Katelynn S, Meg C), 13-14 girls 200 free relay (Katelynn S, Meg C, Brooke C, Tara G), 13-14 boys 400 medley relay (Paul L, Ian B, Justus V, Lucas C), 13-14 boys 400 free relay (Michael E, Cameron S, Ryan C, Ian B), 13-14 boys 200 medley relay (Paul L, Ian B, Justus V, Michael E), 13-14 boys 200 free relay (Michael E, Lucas C, Ian B, Jeffrey F), 13-14 boys 800 free relay (Cameron S, Lucas C, Jeffrey F, Ian B), 15&O boys 200 free relay (Ben T, Nathan S, Ben L, Ryan B).

2 High Point Award winners:  Charli Phillips 11-12 girls, Ian Belflower 13-14 boys.

132 AA times swum.

43 AAA times swum.

14 AAAA times swum.

46 Western Zone Age Group Standards:  Meg C (1), Tara G (2), Aliaa H (1), Charli P (7), Ella G (8), Ian B (8), Lucas C (4), Ethan C (1), Jeffrey (1), Paul L (2), Cameron S (1), Max T (4), Justus V (2), Keosonemyxay (4).

1 (one) team record:  8&Under girls 200 freestyle relay (Old record 2:44.83 from 2007), new record 2:43.18 (Hailey Marinovich, Amelia Schneider, Rowyn Wilber, Audrey Hill). 

Just a reminder that we know there are loads of names that don’t make it to print on this recap and that our coaches and staff appreciate ALL of the efforts that all of our athletes give for this big event.  The numbers provide the “wow-factor” but don’t provide the whole story. 

Also noted is the exceptional effort put in by our parents and volunteers to make this meet a great experience and a positive memory for all of our members and all of the other people participating and in attendance.  Thank-you!!!