Quick Updates - Fall Meets, Schedules, AMs & More

Hi All,

First, thank you for supporting my week-long break. It is important for all of us to take some time after each season to reflect and refocus our energies on the challenges and opportunities the next season will bring. I took advantage of our break to slept in late, make questionable food choices and get in and on the water in St. Augustine. A special thanks goes out to our coaches. They made it possible for me to go away with confidence that our swimmers were in good hands. Now the real work of the new season begins.

Below are some quick updates.

Morning Workouts

Morning workouts will start up again tomorrow.  We will offer two (2) one (1) hour options, Mondays through Fridays unless otherwise announced. The first workout starts at 5:15am and the second starts at 6:00am. Masters have the option of doing either or both.

Competition Schedules

We have worked hard to address the needs of all of our levels with a proposed swim meet schedule for the upcoming short course season. While it would have been easy to simply pick existing meets on the Florida Swimming schedule, throw them up on our website and call it a day, it would not have been in our swimmers and their families best interest. We are trying to impact the sport in a positive manner by lessening the burdens associated with the typical swim meet experience for our members. It is our hope to use our resources in such a way that we make swimming a much more viable long term option for all of our valued swim families.

Conventional swim meets are great. They serve a much needed purpose. That said, they can also be long, costly and draining on the swimmer and their families. We have discussed the possibility of running some quick, one day, one session events here and locally with other clubs through the Florida Swim League (FSL) we established this summer. These will be fast, affordable and family friendly events. We hope to offer two (2) tracks for these meet for the Fall; a developmental (non USA Swimming sanctioned) and competitive (USAS sanctioned). We would like to add a senior option for the Winter and Spring.

Our goal is a meet a month for each track, with a championship in the Fall/Winter and Spring. We have tentative dates planned for every meet. We would also pepper in some traditional meets so our swimmers and families could get use to those as well.

We need to ensure two things before we post the dates of the proposed events. First, we need to get firm commitments from other teams who have expressed an interest in joining us in this endeavour. Second, we need to make sure that we have the people and equipment in place to host these events properly at BSAC and/or Clearwater High School.

I have posted dates of important non FSL swim meets so you can plan accordingly. Please note that most of the posted events have specific qualifying times. More on all of that in another post.

We will make a decision regarding the FSL meets by week’s end. If we can make it a go, those dates will be posted. If we can not do it efficiently, we will add existing traditional meets to our schedule at that time.

My goal is to always have the upcoming meet schedule posted prior to the end of the preceding season. Since we are thinking out of the box, that did not happen prior to this season. Know that it is only because we have your best interest at heart. Thanks for supporting our goal of making your experience the best possible.

Training Group Assignments

We will use the rest of this week to finalize training group assignments for the swimmers. We will send out those assignments prior to noon on Monday of next week. The selections will be made on a variety of factors. Those factors include physiological, psychological, tactical and technical proficiencies of each swimmer. Performance at meets and the ability to do certain test sets will also be factors. Our goal is to ensure that each child is placed in an environment that is challenging, yet it is one they are prepared to meet. I will post more information about this process later this week.


Our team has gone through many changes this past year. I am excited about what we have in store for the upcoming season and beyond. That said, I believe that have had more than just a series of program changes, we have had a true transformation. To me, change and transformation are two different things. We can change practice times, names and meet selections. Teams do little things like that every season. What I feel we did well this past year was transform our culture and belief in what is possible here at Blue Wave.

Thank you for not only giving me an opportunity to work with you and your children, but in allowing me the freedom to make decisions and implement new programs and ideas to help make this transformation possible. No one person is responsible for any organizational transformation. I truly believe that, working together, all things are possible. Here’s to the possibilities becoming realities this Fall and beyond.


Sincerely - Rich