Mescher Overcomes Knee Problems To Swim In College


Maddie Mescher finalized her college plans when she decided to sign on with Centre College. This is a very exciting moment for Maddie and the Clipper family.


Many people may not know, this past September was Maddie’s first time back in the water after taking the last 3.5 years off of USA swimming. She had a condition with her lateral band in her knee that forced her to have surgery. At the time of the surgery it was thought  this would be the end of a very successful swimming career that would be cut way too short. However Maddie’s determination and love of the sport wouldn’t let that happen. Knowing that her best stroke, breaststroke, would not be something she could compete in, she decided to make a comeback and see if she could handle the other strokes.

 Still very nervous her Mom, Dad, doctors and coaches gave Maddie the approval to start  back in the water in September. With her coaches constantly watching over her to make sure her competiveness did not injure her knee again she began to find her way back into a modified but successful training program. Through the season it became very obvious that the knee would hold up and her dream of competing at the college level would happen.  

Maddie was a sectional level breaststroker early in her career. At the end of this season she approached the coaches to see if she could attempt the 50 breaststroke on one the relays at the Ohio Senior Meet. Making sure it was ok with her parents, her coaches agreed to let her have a shot at it. Not kicking breaststroke very hard in over 3.5 years, Maddie put together a blazing 32.2 50 breaststroke split to shock all of her teammates and herself.


Maddie is a great example of how commitment and determination pays off in the end. Her swimming career will continue to get better and her times will continue to drop.When participating in sports at the highest levels athletes take the chance of injuries. Even though her condition with her knee was not a sport related issue, it was aggravated by just walking down a flight of stairs let alone a 6,000 yard workout.  The entire Clipper family should be very proud of Maddie. If you see Maddie in passing let her know !!!