The Levels System, Part 2

Training Sets For Level Advancement

Over the course of next couple of weeks, I will be releasing information regarding the Levels System and how it will weave its way into the fabric of our program. The system is complex. I want to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to digest the material. This piece by piece approach should help everyone internalize the material. We are making these important changes to help us long term. There is no need to rush the process and risk us not having everyone all in.

I am a firm believer of beginning with the end in mind. In the spirit of that concept, I am publishing the training set exit requirements for each level first. It will give us a frank, upfront view of where we are headed as a team.

These sets were derived from looking at mid season sets that would be designed for swimmers at each age, state of development and performance level. Please keep in mind that the ability to perform a set is not the only way to advance. We will be releasing all of the requirements for each group soon.

You may notice a training group name next to most of the levels. Beneath are the requirements to exit that training group. The entrance requirements are contained in the level above. You may also notice that these sets are above the current training level of most of the swimmers in our groups. Don’t worry. We will make sure every swimmer has an opportunity to get up to speed, so to speak.

One of the main reasons for these changes is to help our swimmers reach their potential. Higher standards will help make that a reality. Again. This is only part of the advancement equation. I thought it important that our swimmers, families and staff all understand where we are headed in terms of our daily training. This will underscore the importance of the other factors when introduced. Working together, we can get to this level of training. Once achieved, we can enjoy the fruits of those efforts; both as individual athletes and as a club.

Below is a link to appendix with the training sets for level advancement: