The Levels System, Part 3

The Levels System, Part 3

This post contains a link to the general guidelines in terms of performance times and training group placement. As I mentioned in the previous post, we are rolling out the levels information with the end in mind. Since swimming is a time based sport, I felt it important to give our members a better idea of the performance times standards we look at when placing swimmers into training groups.

Please keep in mind that we use a variety of factors to determine a swimmer’s readiness to advance within the program. Times achieved are just one of those factors. Just because a swimmer achieves one of these times, they are not automatically moved into a higher training group. We want to ensure that they are properly prepared in every facet so they are ready for, and can reap the benefits of, their new challenges

These time standards, coupled with the training set exit requirements, start to give us a more complete picture of the level of athlete in each group. As we post more specifics regarding the levels, you will begin to see that times are only a small part of the equation. Our goal is to help develop champions in and out of the water.

Take a moment to check out the standards below. We will continue to post more Levels System info in the days and weeks to come.

Thanks for being a part of the team.

See you at the pool - Rich