Phoenix Swimming Top 10 Swimmers and Outstanding Swimmers Named

We would like to congratulate and recognize the following swimmers for being Top 10 in an individual event for their age group (9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18, Open) or being on Overall Outstanding Swimmer for their Age Group either during the 2016-2017 Short Course Season (SCY) or the 2017 Long Course Season (LCM).  They will be awarded at the NE Swimming Awards Banquet held on October 1st. 

Our Outstanding Swimmers and Top 10 swimmers are listed below:
SCY 2016-2017
Outstanding Swimmers: Malia Amuan (age 11-12), Callie Breiter (age 13-14), Allegra Walker (age 13-14), Maxwell Reich (age 13-14)
Top 10: Malia Amuan, Adi Arifovic, Amelia Barron, Andrew Bartolomucci, Elizabeth Bencze, Callie Breiter, Jack Carignan, Michaela Chokureva, Emma Daubresse, Emily Clements, Jordan Clements, Carsyn Ide, Skylar Knowlton, Miles Lim, Alexis Martino, Tony Min, Mason Pomroy, Maxwell Reich, Megan Reich, Carly Soares, Lauren Somers, Joe Turk, Allegra Walker, Grace Walker, Michael Walsh, Jack Warden
LCM 2017
Outstanding Swimmers: Skylar Knowlton (age 9-10), Malia Amuan (age 11-12), Emily Clements (age 13-14)
Top 10: Malia Amuan, Adi Arifovic, Amelia Barron, Andrew Bartolomucci, Callie Breiter, Jack Carignan, Michaela Chokureva, Emily Clements, Leo Ferrucci, Skylar Knowlton, Miles Lim, Alexis Martino, Alyvia Petrozza, Maxwell Reich, Megan Reich, Julia Rucker, Lauren Somers, Miller Swank, Madison Tomamichel, Allegra Walker, Grace Walker, Jack Warden