SPA Meet / Removal of Equipment

Hi All,

A couple of quick things...

Declaring For The SPA Meet

WIth much of our attention drawn to Hurricane Irma, some families may have missed our team’s deadline to enter the upcoming SPA Friday Night at the Races Swim meet. I have re-opened the meet. You can now declare your intention to participate through 6:00pm Friday.

This meet is mainly for swimmers in our silver & gold training groups. Bronze swimmers who are USA Swimming members may also choose to attend. If you are not sure if this meet is appropriate for your child, check with your training group coach. You can learn more about the meet by clicking the link below:

SPA Meet Info

Removing of Personal Equipment

As mentioned in an earlier email, we are closing BSAC at 5:45pm Friday. We want to properly prepare the facility in case we get hit by the storm. We would like everyone to take home their personal equipment. This will make it easier for us to prepare and will ensure that your equipment does not get lost.Thanks in advance for your help in this regard.

See you at the pool - Rich