SPA Meet Info & Sat.?s Rec Meet's Postponement

Hi All,

This post contains the information needed or those attending tonight’s swim meet in St. Petersburg. Before I get to that information, I want to let everyone know that due to Hurricane Irma, we will be postponing our scheduled recreational swim meet to next Saturday. The swimmers have been out of the water and I am sure many of our families can use that extra time tomorrow for repairs and cleanup. We will hold practice at our normal times for those who wish to attend.

We will also be posting our fall clinic schedule soon.  Our goal is to offer monthly developmentally appropriate clinics in specific topics. These clinics will be a good addition to our regular training sessions and holiday camps. The days and times will be on our events section by Monday. We hope you can take advantage of these opportunities.

SPA Meet

We are sending a small contingent of swimmers to tonight’s SPA Friday Night at the Races swim meet. There are less than 250 swimmers participating from 9 area clubs. Warm ups open at 4:00pm. The meet starts at 5:30. Let’s be behind the blocks, ready to swim, by 4:20. Swimmers who have school, or whose parents can not make it to the pool at that time, can come at their earliest convenience. I do not believe that there will be any issues in terms of warm up space.

I will bring a tent for the swimmers. Parents will have plenty of shaded space in the grandstands. Please bring sunscreen, extra towels, tinted goggles, flip flops, as well as some healthy food and drink options.  There is a 50/50 chance of rain, so be prepared for that possibility. As always, a positive attitude is the most important thing to bring.

The meet will run fast. The timeline has the entire competition ending in a little over two hours. This means that there will be little time between events. The swimmers are asked to properly warm down after each event. We will make sure we have a recovery plan for each swimmer before we start our races. Parents, your child may or may not have enough time to see you in between races. We will do everything possible so they can swim their best.

Speaking of swimming their best, this is the first event of the season. While personal bests are always nice, it is not the main focus of an early season meet. We are here to assess where the swimmers are in their training. We are also looking for technical and tactical gains made from our early season work. We are also looking to see if they retained the gains made in those areas from this past summer.

Hurricane Irma has also prevented many area swimmers from getting in the water much this past week. There are going to be times in their careers where they may have to learn to swim in spite of some unforeseen issues. Elite athletes know how to be positive, even in negative situations. We can help them learn this important skill at this meet.

I am also looking forward to some sense of normalcy after a couple of crazy weeks. Being around the deck, with the sights and sounds of a swim meet, may make us all feel a little better.

Below are some important links. Please keep in mind that they may not sell heat sheets at the meet. Print a 2 or 3 column sheet and bring it with you to the meet. If you have any questions, let me know.

I look forward to seeing you there - Rich


Meet Information Letter

Psych Sheet


2 Column Heat Sheet

3 Column Heat Sheet