SRVA Starts Season Strong

SRVA participated in our first age group meet of the season.  It was a great start to the year and everyone picked up where we left off last year.  

Coach Paschalis:

Finishing our first meet of the season the Ellis meet in Tracy we had some mixed results as it was the first meet of the season. 

It is also very early to be able to add any speed work to our practices and expect any results, but through this meet a couple of great performances were from Age Group 2, Roma Vaidya & Duncan Tsao and from Age Group 3 Irene Devadason in all of their races for the weekend.

They all had very consistent performance and they gave the pace for the rest of their groups as well.

Looking forward to our home meet which I will expect 100% participation and good luck to all of our swimmers.


Coach Larry:

Age Group 1 swam well for our first meet of the season.  We have been working on balance and kicking in practice and I saw that at the meet.  We practice the skills that we want to see in the meet and they did a good job of that.  We had lots of lifetime best times from everyone in all strokes which is always fun.  Nidhi Musunuri had some stand out swims and swam with lots of confidence.

The Pre-Seniors are off to a good start to their season as well.  We wanted to focus on doing things well and finishing our races strong.  It can be difficult this early in the season to finish strong in our races, but they stepped up to the challenge and performed well.  It was a great opportunity to practice our racing and swim in a meet with low pressure.

Sarah Han has really been working on her technique and did a good job of swimming her new technique at the meet.  Megan Nguyen has also been working hard in practice and transferred that into her meet performances. 


Coach Thomas:

All of my swimmers from novice 2-4 that were at the meet did a great job implementing the skills and drills that we have been working on in practice into their races. I saw a really impressive amount of focus from all swimmers when asking questions before and after their races about what to focus on and what could be improved. From a data stand point of success, there were a lot of personal best times in races. From a mechanics stand point, I was really happy to watch my swimmers focus on technique and following the race plan more than just spinning arms and bouncing off the lane lines. I am really excited to watch everybody continue to work hard and improve!

Coach Andy:

Great way to start the new swim season, great weather to have great performances in and the meet was not very long.  The JR Development, Varsity and SR Development did great we are only 4 weeks into the season and there were lots of Life Time Best (LTB) and some new SR Open times. This is even more impressive with all the new faces in the groups, lots of learning going on.


JR Development and Varsity

Brandon Chang 6 of 6 LTB

Lucas Langenback 4 of 4 LTB

Chaita Nookala 5 of 6 LTB

Dasha Oren 4 of 4 LTB

Canyon Priddy 3 of 3 LTB and a SR Open time in the 50 Free

Jack Ryan 4 of 4 LTB

Keya Vaidya 5 of 5 LTB


SR Development

Shaun Bhide 7 of 7 LTB and new SR open times in the 100 and 200 Breast

Romir Chandra 5 of 5 LTB and SR Open times in the 100 Back, 200 Free and 400 IM

Vedant Garg 3 of 3 LTB

Yash Kaul 7 of 7 LTB

Anna Langenbach 4 of 4 LTB

Max Marley 5 of 5 LTB and SR Open times in the 50 and 100 Free

Shreyas Raj 7 of 9 LTB

Sidd Sharma 7 of 7 LTB and SR Open in the 100 and 200 Breast

Kyle Tesg 8 of 8 LTB and SR Open in the 500 Free

Lisa Zhao 3 of 3 LTB and SR Open times in the 200 Breast and 50 Free