Quick Updates - Rec Meet Results & More

Hi All,

I hope everyone enjoyed a great weekend. We had a good one here, with the notable exception of the Bucs game. Even with the loss, it was nice to unplug for a few hours. OK, some quick reflections and updates.

What A Day

I had a blast Saturday. We had a great workout with the Silver through Masters swimmers. After that, we had the pleasure of watching our newer swimmers take part in the season’s first Recreational Swim Meet. I want to thank all of the volunteer timers, officials and set up crew; many of whom were swimmers who stayed after their workout to help their younger teammates.

I also want to thank our coaches. They did a wonderful job of running the meet. More importantly, they have done an even better job of instilling the basics in our Novice through Bronze athletes. I enjoyed seeing all of the two hand touches, legal backstroke finishes and long, tight streamlines throughout the course of the meet. Great Job Guys!

A special thanks to Coach Kelly for posting the meet results online. We are still having some post Irma issues in terms of our local wifi. Since that was the case, we went back to using stopwatches. Coach Kelly took all of the results and hand entered them into the system. Here is the link to the results:

Parents. These times can be used to help you track your child’s progress. They are also useful to help set goals. Please keep in mind that time drops do not happen at every meet. Athletic progress is never linear. To help give parents a better understand of how to gauge success long term, I posted an article on our website. I encourage you to read it, even if you are an experienced swim parent. Here is a link to the article:


We will close registration for the GTSA meet on Wednesday October 4th at noon. This will be a well attended meet. High school swimmers are now encouraged to participate as many of your meets this season have been cancelled. If you are not sure if your child should attend, ask your training group coach for advice. We hope to have a great turnout from all of our programs.

Call For New Officials

John Jansen will offer a clinic for those interested in becoming a USA Swimming certified official. Becoming an official is a great way to help support our sport. You learn to see swimming from many vantage points as you make new friends, have fun and support your child’s chosen activity. Most officials I know much prefer being on deck than in the stands during the long swim sessions. Many continue to work meets well after their children leave the sport.

The course will be offered on Saturday, October 21st at BSAC at 9:00am. It should last between an hour and an hour and a half. If you are interested, please contact John at following email address:

Thanks in advance for willingness to help.

Levels System

We have been emphasizing all of the aspects of Level One program-wide this month. It’s amazing how much the swimmers have improved with such a laser-like focus on the basics.  As expected, the younger ones are adapting a tad quicker than their older teammates. There is less to unlearn, so to speak. If you are not familiar with the requirements to exit level One, click the link below:

We will continue to roll out the Levels as our swimmers understand and internalize the information. I am so happy that we are at a point organizationally where we can focus on these aspects of the sport. When we are using our energies in this way, great things follow. Thanks again for supporting this important initiative.

Well, that's it for now. Here is to a great week. Hopefully, we will begin to feel the affects of the change of seasons here real soon.

See you at the pool - Rich