Flash National Teamers' Clinic

Hi All,

I know this comes with little warning, but the opportunity came at the last minute and I could not pass up making it come to fruition. Tomorrow we will host a swim clinic with two former USA Swimming National Team members, Chelsea Colwill and Megan Romano. Both ladies hail from the Tampa Bay area and swam at the University of Georgia.

I had the pleasure of being Chelsea’s coach from day one. As her Step Father, I have had the privilege of watching her become an amazing adult; a true example of how the sport can help our children years after they hang up their goggles. Megan is a product of a very strong St Petersburg Aquatics club. She swam under the tutelage of Fred Lewis prior to joining Chelsea at UGA. With many American & World records and championships between, this is a rare opportunity to have your child work with two of the best age group and senior swimmers our country has ever produced.

The focus of the event will be freestyle. We will go over some backstroke technique if time permits. The clinic is open to all of our swimmers, from Novice through Senior. The cost is only $35 per family. If you choose to attend, do not bring cash. We will bill your account. If your child is on the Clinic and Camp monthly fee program, there is no additional cost to attend this event. We will begin the clinic at 10:30am and it will last to approximately 1:00pm.

We will hold a Silver through Senior practice from 8:00am to 10:00am. While we will offer the a practice for the Blue & Bronze group at our normal 10:00am to noon time slot, but we sincerely hope your family participates in this event instead.

I have been to many clinics featuring elite athletes. They usually follow this path. The National teamer is introduced. They tell their compelling story. The demonstrate some techniques. They work some of the athletes for a bit and then play a game with the kids. These clinics usually finish with an autograph session.

Our clinic will be different.

In addition to real in water demonstrations of all of the things we preach as a staff each day, we will have an in depth family Q&A session following the in water time. Chelsea and Megan have agreed to answer any and all questions regarding their experiences as novice through national champion athletes. In addition, my wife (AKA Chelsea’s Mom) will also be on hand. Not only is she still a national caliber US Masters Swimmer, she has had the experience of raising three (3) high performance athletes. Between us, we have pretty much seen it all.

Our goal is simple. We know that many families, even experienced ones, are not sure how to balance school, swimming and other activities. I can envision questions being asked, such as: How much is too much? Should I push my child to attend when they do not want to go to practice?  How involved should I be in my child’s progress? How do you handle plateaus? When should my child start doing dryland? Is it all worth it? This is a rare opportunity to get answers from people who have seen the sport from every possible angle. We hope you take advantage of this unique event.


Chelsea Colwill (second left) and Megan Romano (far right) Capturing Relay Gold For Team USA at the 2011 World University Games