The set-up for our new TeamUnify website is now underway

We're currently migrating our former website at over to our new TeamUnify portal. Until the migration is complete, you can visit the new website at this address:

SBSC parents logging in for the first time:

  • Please check and update your contact information on your TeamUnify account profile.
  • To keep additional family members in the loop, add their e-mail addresses to your profile.
  • We encourage you to add your cell phone number(s) so that you can receive text messages from the club (useful for weather alerts, last-minute cancellations, etc.).
  • After successful login to the TeamUnify website, you can also click here to install the OnDeck mobile app for your smartphone, using the same username and password. Searching for "OnDeck" on any mobile app store will also work.


Most of the features available here are accessed from the strip of menus above:

  • News
    Time-sensitive messages to the club (e.g. practice schedule changes, info re upcoming meets or club events, deadlines, etc.). News updates will often be e-mailed to the appropriate roster groups when they're posted to the site.
  • Events Calendar
    SBSC's full calendar. Our practice schedule is in the green "General" category, and upcoming meets and club events are in the red "Team Events" category. All calendar events can be filtered by your swimmer's roster group via the drop-down menus, and all calendars can be subscribed to on your smartphone's calendar app.
  • Training Groups and Schedule
    A snapshot of our regular weekly practice schedule + a description of our training groups at SBSC
  • Qualifying Standards
    Links to this season's newest qualifying standards (these will soon be incorporated right into our platform for instant real-time evaluation of your swimmer's qualification times)
  • Officiating
    Information about officiating + links to various resources
  • Fundraising
    Overview of our fundraising activities + SBSC's Participation Points program structure
  • Links
    A dozen or so links to various useful resources from Swim Canada, Swim Nova Scotia, and more


  • The most useful and easy-to-read version of the website is through a web browser like Chrome or Firefox on a desktop computer. By default, whenever possible, we recommend that you "expand the view" of the window you're looking at. This lets you see more information on the screen at once (press ESC when finished to dismiss the expanded window). 
  • The most helpful calendar view is Week or Month. If you find your view cluttered, try de-selecting the green General calendar. Remember that all calendars can be filtered by roster group, and you can subscribe to any calendar on your smartphone.
  • To see a plain list of our upcoming events, please click here, or click the "Events Listing" button on the left.